Show Your Value As An Estate Agent

Every day, there are people looking to buy or sell homes; to let and rent people. Homes are at the heart of life, and there will always be people looking for help in the property market.

This is good news for estate agents, but of course, there is a lot of competition between agents. Sometimes it is healthy, but if you’ve ever sat frustrated waiting for the phone to ring or an email to ping into your inbox, you know it can be a challenging, and even lonely, existence.

As an estate agent, you must be proactive in finding prospective clients and customers. You need to find people who need your services, and you need to position yourself as the estate agent they trust.

You need to show your value as an estate agent, and this guide will give you a helping hand. The rest is down to you and your charm and skills, which you already have in abundance.

Give people the information they need

We live in a time when people feel overwhelmed by information. There is far too much available, and naturally, people shy away from being told what they need, or what should matter to them.

However, this doesn’t mean you can afford to offer no information. People still need information and guidance, but they need the right sort of advice and assistance. Therefore, as an estate agent, you should people the information they need, and you can do this on social media.

Think about the customer you wish to connect with, and what they need to choose you, and to move forward in the housing market.

If you want to connect with people selling homes, you can prove them with useful information on current sales prices, average sales prices, the most common type of buyer in the area, the average time it takes to sell homes, and even the best removal companies in your local area.

For buyers, tell them about the homes on offer, the standard of local schools and transport, and provide insight into why the area you serve is ideal as their next home.

By giving people information they need that allows them to make smart decisions, you position yourself as an agent to be trusted. When the time comes for that prospective customer to choose an estate agent, they will be far more likely to hire you.

Keep things simple

We’ve already spoken about the information overload that bombards people these days. A lot of content and information gets lost in the noise.

To have the best impact, provide useful information, and say it quickly. People don’t have time to waste in reading pages of documents if they want information that can be delivered in one line.

As we move forward, images and video content are essential in delivering information quickly, and in a format that users comprehend. Written content, such as blog posts, remain important, but only for certain topics and approaches.

Wherever possible, simplify your communications, and say more with less on social media.

Be authentic

While the internet and social media are tremendous for bringing people together, it is fair to say that not everything you see or read is true. It is easy for businesses to make bold claims to grab attention or gain instructions.

This approach delivers short-term success, but in the medium to long-term, it is disastrous for a business.

This approach is fine for people who are nameless, and who are happy at starting again every five months, fleeing bad reviews and angry customers. However, this isn’t the way for an estate agent to conduct business.

You are in this for the long haul, and you know developing a positive reputation will make business much easier for you.

Therefore, it is important to be authentic, honest, and genuine. It is okay to get excited, and perhaps focus on the best-case scenario you can deliver for clients. However, you should come across as genuine, and show your true personality.

By doing this, you develop relationships with customers, and this is the backbone of your estate agency business success.

So, how do I show trust?

Of course, talking about showing trust is different from displaying your credentials. As there is naturally a suspicion of what people say about themselves, why not allow others to speak on your behalf?

If you have already helped many customers, get reviews and testimonials from them. By doing so, you let customers see what others customers think of you. This is honest, it is transparent, and it will connect with your audience in a greater manner than you would if you cultivated a massive marketing campaign.

Make sure you engage your clients, and if they are pleased with the work you do, ask them to share their thoughts online. With help from the people you help, you will be the estate agent prospective client’s trust.

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to show your value as an agent. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to become the local estate agent people rely on, and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.