How Social Media Can Help Gain More Rental Instructions

Many businesses dismiss social media for their work because they feel as though it doesn’t provide them with enough of a return to be worthy of their time. It is fair to say that social media is more about creating relationships and showing your personality but when used properly, social media can be used to drive traffic to your company and ultimately increase sales. For a letting agent, social media can be used to gain more rental instructions but you have to use it effectively.

Letting agents should be looking to appeal to landlords in order to gain more rental instructions and here are some ways to achieve this aim.

Use social media to position yourself as a local expert that landlords can trust
This approach can be used when it comes to local news, events and talking points. One of the most important things in a local property market is an understanding of the local area. Following informed people and relevant local authorities will keep you up to date with local news and sharing this with your followers and audience will ensure that you are seen as a letting agent with their finger on the local pulse.

Use social media to inform landlords of important news and statistics that they need
Landlords (and even tenants) can benefit from having relevant information about the local property market, average prices, sales figures and rental yield figures. However, many people don’t have the time to find this information and many people wouldn’t even know where to begin looking. This is where you can position yourself as the local property expert by obtaining relevant information and then sharing it with your audience.

Use social media to recommend ways to increase rental yield
If you can provide your followers with strong reasons to follow you on social media, they will do so. This means if you can offer advice which makes people’s lives easier or which enhances people’s lives, you will engage your audience and people will appreciate what you post.

In the property market, you should look to provide tips and guidance on how to improve the look of a home, the value of a home and explain how rental yields can be increased.

Use social media to review and explore new areas or potential areas of interest
You should also be looking to present new opportunities for people. If there are emerging areas or new developments which will impact on your local property market, bring it to the attention of your audience.

At the heart of your social media activity has to be good content. If you are able to offer good quality content that no one else is offering, you’ll find that social media can help gain more rental instructions. Always bear in mind who you are trying to reach (landlords) and what they want from you (relevant information and guidance). If you keep these aspects in mind when using social media, you should find that you can use social media in an effective manner for your business.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK