Why Social Media Is Important For A Letting Agency

While it is agreed that social media is important for most modern business industries, it is helpful to know why it is important for your industry. If you are a letting agency, social media can help you improve your business and meet the needs of your audience. Here are some key reasons why social media is important for a letting agency.

You can provide important news in a hurry
If you have urgent news for a specific landlord or tenant, you will need to contact them directly. However, if you have important news for all of your customers and clients, social media is a good way to inform people quickly.
You can always follow up this news with an email or letter providing confirmation but when you need to share information quickly, a social media post makes sense. Examples of the information you can send on social media include:

• A change to your office working hours
• A change to contact telephone numbers
• Any planned work in a certain area
• Any letting opportunities that have just been made available

Being able to communicate quickly and effectively is crucial for letting agencies and social media is an ideal platform to do so.

You can develop your brand
It is important for a letting agency, like all firms, to have a brand that people associate with your company. There are many different things your company can stand for or be recognised for. Whether you want to be seen as the best value for money letting agent, the letting agency with the best safety record, the letting agency with the best attention to detail, the letting agency with the most properties or any other aspect, your brand is how people view your company.

The way you talk and engage on social media, and the content you share, will go a long way to developing your brand. Whatever branding aim you have in mind, make sure that your social media usage matches this intended brand.

You can engage and liaise with experts in the industry
One of the best aspects of social media is that it allows you to follow, connect with and even engage the market leaders in the letting industry or property market. Sharing content and adding value to the debate will allow you to be seen on the same level as the industry experts and peers. Whether you are keen to share important industry news with your leaders or you want to discuss key points with industry experts, social media is the platform where you make connections.

Social media allows you to position yourself in your local area
A very important aspect for most letting agencies is being recognised for working in a certain location or areas. You need to make sure that people and businesses that live, work or operate in the same area as you are aware of you. You can do this by carrying out searches for the local area, by engaging local residents and businesses and by starting conversations about the area. Your letting agency needs to be seen as a local expert, and you will find this is easier to do through the use of social media.

Social media allows you to answer questions or queries
It is likely that clients or potential clients will have questions they want to ask you. Social media is the ideal platform to encourage conversation and you can provide answers or direct people to your website. Your social media platform is often the first port of call for many customers and clients so make sure that you are present and ready to respond to whatever is asked for you.

Social media can pull together your promotional content
Modern letting agents will likely have website content, blogs, brochures and content in their physical store. It is important that this information is provided to all of your customers and that no one is left out or overlooked. You’ll find that social media platforms are an ideal way to share all of your content.

This allows you to engage with people in real time but over a longer period of time, your social media platforms will be regarded as a good source of relevant letting agency information and material.

You can liaise and engage with the best professionals in your local area
As a letting agency, you’ll likely need to connect with local professionals to provide the best standard of service. Using social media allows you to research professionals like suppliers, joiners, plumbers and any other role that you need. Once you have researched the best local professionals, you can engage them in conversation and develop a working relationship with them. This can help you get the best price or work out a relationship that suits all parties to carry out work.

If you are a letting agency, social media is essential in meeting the needs of your clients, developing your brand and reaching out to local business, professionals and industry experts.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK