Why Social Media Is Important For A Letting Agent

While social media is becoming an increasingly important everyday business tool for many companies, it can be difficult for many professionals to work out why it is relevant to them.

Here are some reasons why social media is important for a letting agent.

Social media should showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise
In the letting industry, being able to show that you are an expert with a great deal of knowledge of the industry is crucial. This is a competitive industry and showcasing your knowledge and expertise is a tremendous way to differentiate you from competitors.

Through your social media account you can share relevant news, information and the main talking points in the letting industry and in your local area. Following respected experts, sharing and commenting on their posts provides you with an ideal starting point in being seen as a reliable expert.

Before too long, your content is likely to be shared and discussed by your followers, helping you to be seen as a company that can be trusted.

Social media allows you to research and stay in touch with latest trends
While many people consider social media to be of benefit in sharing information and reaching out to people, it is also a great way to research new developments or find out what is happening in the local area or industry. By following the right people, you can significantly reduce the amount of research time you need to put in to provide an informed service to your clients.

Social media can help you develop your brand
Every business should have an image or brand that people instantly recognise and once you know what your brand or image is, you should use this as the basis for your posts and engagement on social media. No matter what identity you want to have or how you want to be recognised, social media posts are a simple and effective way to create a brand image that people recognise and appreciate.

Social media allows you to network
The “social” aspect of social media is important because letting agents need to network. You should be looking to deal with local council authorities, housing specialists, landlords and tenants. There will be events and gatherings where you can network in real life but online networking is viable these days and social media is the ideal platform to network with relevant people.

Social media allows you to reach out to your target audience
Following on from this, once you know who your target audience is, you’ll be able to contact them effectively on social media. Through use of searches, hashtags, looking at related businesses and even social media advertising, it has never been easier to find and reach out to the people you need to engage with.

Social media allows you to play a part in your local community
Similarly, social media accounts allow you to be part of your local community. Having the chance to support and promote local businesses or highlight good local causes may not immediately promote your business, but you’ll find that many local businesses and individuals will think highly of your business. In the long-term, these relationships are likely to generate more business.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK