Social Media Posts Estate Agents Should Avoid

Social media is fantastic and many estate agents have engaged their clients in an effective manner. However, for all the benefits of social media, it is fair to say that there are negative aspects to the platform. Engaging with criticism or dealing with trolls can be difficult, but there is also the fact that many estate agents don’t help themselves on social media.

There are many types of posts that can harm the reputation of an estate agent or leave people feeling as though they shouldn’t rely on their services. Here are some of the social media posts estate agents should avoid.

Posts that make you sound arrogant or unrelatable
You know that there is a public perception of estate agents. This isn’t a perception that rings true for the majority of estate agents but if you were to ask the population, many people would say they think estate agents are arrogant or unrelatable.

Perhaps this was the case or certain comedy shows and sketches have reinforced this idea but the reality is, modern day estate agents cannot present themselves in this manner and continue to operate successfully.

Such is the level of competition between agents and the importance of property deals, estate agents need to be empathetic, courteous, reliable and relatable. Therefore, you need to ensure your social media posts promote these great qualities while avoiding posts that may allow people to form a negative impression of your firm.

Inappropriate updates and comments
Not everyone has the same sense of humour or outlook on life, but as a professional, you know that there are remarks or topics of discussion you should avoid. This also applies for posts that you share or retweet.

With every post on social media, think about the overall impact of the post, who t may reach and whether the post presents your firm in the right manner. An ill-advised or misjudged comment can harm a firm quickly, especially a company that operates in a close-knit local environment.

Promoting too often
Yes, you should promote your business and services on social media, but don’t forget the name is social media. This means that promotion should only be a small part of your activities on social media. You will achieve more success in connecting with people and engaging your audience when you talk about local matters and relevant issues as opposed to continuing to promote your services.

It can be difficult to strike the ideal balance but you’ll find that focusing on engagement and developing relationships provides you with the opportunity to make more sales in the future.

Other posts you should avoid on social media include:
• Embellishing your listings
• Only posting personal updates
• Posting at the wrong time of day to engage your audience
• Posting too regularly or too infrequently
• Only publishing old content or shared content
• Only publishing written content

At Agent Media, we know the posts your estate agents firm should post, and we know the posts you should avoid. If you want to know the difference and ensure you make the posts that help you connect with your audience, get in touch.