Why Social Media Is More Powerful Than Print Advertising

Why Social Media Is More Poweful Than Print Advertising

While there is a lot to be said for following traditional paths and sticking with tried and tested solutions, if you are an estate agent, you should be looking at the most effective ways of promoting your business. If you think that social media is a fad or a passing phase that is being hyped, you may think that sticking with traditional print advertising is the best strategy for your firm. There is a lot to be said for print advertising, especially when dealing with a market base that may not have adapted to social media.

However, for an estate agent, social media is an extremely powerful platform, and there are many key reasons that state social media is more powerful than print advertising.

It creates dialogue
When you have an advert in traditional print, a reader will look at it and then move on. If they have questions or queries about the advert, it is likely that they will go unanswered. On social media, the viewer can ask questions immediately. This is immensely important because you can explain more and provide further details on what you have to offer. Most estate agents will agree that having a dialogue with potential clients is crucial and social media is the ideal platform to create dialogue.

It is free
You don’t need to pay to be on social media. Yes, there are adverts and promotional activities you can undertake but these aren’t compulsory. Many estate agents find that basic social media pages and accounts, at no cost, are of tremendous benefit to their business. This means you can engage with potential clients and customers without spending any money.

You can show more of yourself
Traditional print adverts only show a limited side of what you offer, and it will generally be aimed at meeting expectations of the target audience. On social media, you show many sides of your company personality and identity. It is possible to show yourself as a well-rounded fun that has local and industry knowledge but also has a sense of humour. This can be difficult or expensive to do in traditional print media but with social media, it is a lot simpler.

You can respond quickly
Social media provides you with an immediate platform. If a news story breaks or something happens, you can state your opinion on Twitter and Facebook straight away. It can take a long time to have a print advert designed, created and then published so for a swift response or action, social media is the most effective medium.

It is so much easier to get people to follow a link
When it comes to directing people towards your site, social media engagement is the most effective. In print media, you should provide addresses for your social media accounts but you will often find many people won’t physically type the address in the next time they are online. However, when you place a link on a social media account, people are happy to click that link.

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