Social Media: What Information Do Your Clients Need To Know

Your social media content should be built around what people want to know about you and what they want to hear from you. At Agent Media, we have helped many estate agents connect with their audience, customers and clients and a large part of this is down to the fact that we know what information clients need to know.

What do you offer?
It is important to remember that not all estate agents are the same and it is likely that you offer services that other estate agents don’t. You Should create content that informs your audience of what you provide and why these services are important to them. A lot of people looking for your services may not have hired an estate agent before, so the information you provide about yourself can help people to feel confident about why you are the company for them.

Where are you located?
Whether you are an online agent, or you have a physical presence, you want to make sure people can find you. Online estate agents should share their webpage address regularly and if you want people to come and see you, be sure to offer your address, images of your store and directions on how to get to your premises.

What are your operating hours?
It makes sense to provide your business hours. This is informative advice for people who want to speak to you and it can prevent a lot of frustration and hassle for the user. You may think that your business hours are standard business hours but in the modern era, traditional working hours no longer apply to many people. You can minimise inconvenience for your audience by giving them information that they need to know, and which will make their life easier.

How can people contact you?
You will also find that people will want to contact you, so give them opportunities to do so. Offering an email address, a phone number, your physical address and other social media account information will make it much easier for people to get in touch with you. This may be the difference between a client choosing you or a competitor, so always make communication as simple for your audience as possible.

Do you have a track record of success?
On social media, you will find that many people are wary of what firms claim. There is a need for social proof which means you should offer reviews and testimonials from your audience. This is easy to do on social media and this sort of information helps your audience feel at ease in choosing you over a rival estate agent.

What are you like?
This my sound like an open-ended question but you’ll find that clients and prospective customers want to know what you are like. In corporate terms, this refers to your brand, image and identity. Buying, selling or letting property is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life, and they want to feel confident and convinced that they are making the best decision for their needs.

Your track record has a part to play in persuading people to choose your firm over another estate agent but so does your brand and personality. What you post on social media helps people get to know you and make a connection. The importance (and cost) of property transactions means that people want to be sure they choose the right firm and your social media content can help you be the number one choice in your area.

If you focus on delivering content that your audience wants and needs to know, you will find that you engage your audience in the most effective manner. Any estate agent looking for help in engaging their audience should contact Agent Media as we are happy to help.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK