Social And Mobile Integration Should Form Part Of Email Marketing


Email marketing remains extremely popular and this is down to the fact that there are many features and benefits from using email marketing. One of the key factors is the fact that email marketing can be used alongside virtually any marketing methods you use. You will find that email marketing dovetails perfectly with social media and mobile marketing, and you should examine how to integrate all of these elements together.

If there is one thing that makes people sit up and take notice in the business world, it is proof. The global research firm TNS, has found that the number of users who are landing on a social networking page while using a mobile device has jumped dramatically, all around the world. There is also further research that indicates more and more business are placing social share links to their email campaigns, and there is a growing trend to creating mobile friendly marketing campaigns. The facts are that more and more users are using mobile devices and utilising social media sites, while businesses are now starting to cater for this market in a more effective manner.

While email has proven itself to be highly effective in reaching an audience, social media platforms on mobile devices have an even bigger potential reach. Utilising social media provides you with the greatest opportunity to have your content shared, which is surely the thing that all businesses should be looking for.

Email marketing can be limiting
You will also find that while email marketing is effective, there are limitations attached with email marketing, due to the general infrastructure of email. You will find that utilising email marketing alongside mobile and social devices will ensure that there is a greater level of engagement for your audience. Again, the easier ability to share is an important factor but there is a psychological difference between these methods.

Many people will read their emails while having a business or work orientated outlook while social media sites have a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This should help you to create a better sense of identity and brand with your customer base. Knowing that you can direct people towards your Facebook page where there are discussions about your services on offer, or directing them towards Twitter where you can respond to your clients in a quicker manner, should provide you with a great deal of benefits with respect to engagement.

Sometimes business feel that developing a new strategy brings an element of ditching the old strategies, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Incorporating the developing benefits of social media and mobile focused strategies alongside the importance of email marketing will ensure that you reach out to your audience in the most effective manner.

Retaining email marketing, and the benefits of this strategy, while incorporating many of the strengths of social network sites and an increased focus on mobile devices will ensure that your business is located in the best possible position to take advantage of the engagement opportunities provided by these emerging mediums.

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