Support Other Like-Minded Companies And They Will Reciprocate

When it comes to making the most from your social media activity, too many businesses overlook the importance of being social. The clue is in the name, but you see countless firms in all manner of industries relentlessly promoting on social media.

It can work and does work, but in many cases, it doesn’t. In the property industry, if you are an estate or letting agent, people follow you expect industry news and listings. If people wanted a constant stream of jokes and light-hearted content, they would follow comedians and entertainment channels.

By following you, they want relevant content, but equally, you shouldn’t sell or push the hard-sell all the time. Don’t forget, there are many ways for estate or letting agents to promote themselves, and if you are a local agent, you want to present yourself as an excellent local option.

The best way to show you are an excellent local option is to show yourself in regional areas and talk honestly about local matters. If there is a burning news topic in your area, speak about it. When you are out and about, take a picture of yourself in the local area. Also, you’ll find that supporting other like-minded companies is a tremendous activity for agents, and in many ways, this will be reciprocated in benefits for yourself.

Why should you support like-minded firms?

It is inevitable some agents will not like the idea of promoting other firms. In the short-term, you will think that time spent promoting other firms is time lost to promote your own firm. This is true, but in the longer-term, this time may be of more benefit to you.

Consider the following benefits for an agent who supports local firms:
• A thriving local economy is great news for the property market
• By talking about other firms in the business, you enhance your local credentials
• It will provide you with something to talk about which is relevant to your audience
• It’s nice to be nice

Why do you want to receive reciprocal praise from like-minded firms?
Okay, if you are coming around to the idea of promoting other local firms, how is it going to be of benefit to you as an estate or letting agent?

• Other firms in your area will share your audience, so they can place you in front of the right people
• There is an opportunity to work together in more meaningful relationships – all good partnerships must start somewhere
• Links from other sites and social media accounts help your SEO, which can place you higher in search engine rankings
• Word of mouth praise and testimonials from other people and firms is so much more useful than self-praise or promotion

All agents want to reach new people, to receive praise and positive reviews from others, and to position themselves as a reliable option amongst the local community. You’ll find approval and content from others will help you connect more effectively with your audience.

Ways in which you can support other like-minded companies
If you are looking for ways in which you can support other like-minded companies, consider the following options:

• Review a product or service in a favourable manner
• Create a list of local stores and professionals you like
• Interview retailers and community groups on your website or social accounts
• Interview your customers asking them about other shops or retailers they recommend
• Share photographs and video content of local shops, and of their products/services in use

If you are interested in harnessing the power of community spirit on social media to sell or let homes, we can help.

At Agent Media, we have a strong track record in helping estate agents set up campaigns and run content that promotes their local area and communities as a way of promoting themselves.

Drop us an email or phone Agent Media today to see how we can help you support other like-minded companies in a manner that will be reciprocated. or direct line 01480 589003.

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