Why Supporting Local Companies on Facebook & Twitter Is Valuable

Why Supporting Local Companies on Facebook & Twitter Is Valuable

When it comes to using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for your estate agent business, it can be tempting to only focus on what you have to say and offer. This is a very traditional form of advertising where you place information out to the general public and hope that it connects with your intended audience. Well written content has the ability to positively impact but you will find that engaging with local companies on Facebook and Twitter is the most effective way to achieve success on social media platforms.

Using sites like Twitter and Facebook provide you with the opportunity to enhance your image and show that you have a role to play in the local community. There is no better way of doing this than by paying attention to what is taking place in your local area.

It shows you are genuine about the local area :
There is clearly a lot to be said for an estate agent that cares about a local area and has a good level of knowledge about what is taking place in the community. By following and engaging with local firms and organisations you will find that you will learn a lot about the local area. It also shows that you have a genuine interest in what is taking place around you. The general public is a lot savvier when it comes to determining what a publicity stunt is and what is genuine interest, and following and engaging with local firms on social media is a good way to show a real passion for your area.

It increases the likelihood of having content shared :
When you regularly engage and communicate with local firms, there is a greater likelihood that they will follow you. They may not currently need estate agent services but they will view you as a potential customer and they will appreciate your engagement and if they are savvy, they will follow you as well. This creates the situation where your content and posts are being seen by more people, and it creates the likelihood that your posts and content will be shared.

If these local companies are as savvy as you are, they will want to be seen as being integral to the local community, which means that they will be sharing content and ideas too. Firms can work together to support the local community while simultaneously boosting their own identities and presence online.

It can provide you with great information, ideas and leads :
Following local companies can provide you with information about upcoming events, changes to the local area and it can offer you information that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. These are all things that you can use to benefit your own business. If there is a local event coming up, there may be an opportunity for you to sponsor it or get involved, giving you a real opportunity to create leads and develop a new audience for what you have to offer.

It enhances your brand :
Most importantly, engaging with local companies shows that you care about the community and want to be involved in the local area. For a firm that is keen to enhance their brand and image, this can make a massive difference to how people perceive you.

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