Supporting local companies: Video content ideas for an Estate and Letting Agent

The use of video content and live video communication has risen considerably in recent times. With remote working commonplace during lockdown, many people are increasing their confidence and competency with live video.

The convenience of video connectivity makes it a natural choice for many firms, and this is true for estate and letting agents.

By now, you should have adapted some form of video tour and virtual viewing to your business. During lockdown, virtual tours are essential, but they will also remain extremely important when the property market moves forward.

However, you should utilise the power and capabilities in many other ways as an agent. You should be keen to connect with the local community, and video content is a tremendous way to support local companies.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many local estate and lettings agents connect with local companies, and here are video content ideas for you.

Create a video where you review or recommend a local shop or community group

As a trusted local company, your opinions matter, and will influence your audience. In these challenging times, many people are unsure of which local shops are operating. Also, with so many shops temporarily closed, some local residents will find their favourite shop is closed, and will be looking for recommendations of alternatives.

You can create video content where you review stores which are still open or you can recommend the shops which make your life easier. This content can be created quickly and easily, and it will likely be shared on social media, helping you to reach more people.

Create videos of walks around your area or from local landmarks to a destination or shop

Creating videos of your local area is always a popular idea, but during lockdown, there is added functionality. If one of your team members is enjoying a walk for their allotted daily exercise, why not film the route?

This video clip can showcase local shops, allowing you to recommend options. Video clips showing routes help people get their bearings, and this sort of content will alert viewers to the whereabouts of recommended stores and businesses.

Create video clips of your team members talking about their favourite local shops

This is an activity you can involve all your team with. People are interested in getting to know the personnel at your agency, so a video where your staff recommend their favourite shops provides two benefits.

This style of content adds a personal focus to your bonus while shining a light on other local companies.

Film local shops and businesses in action

If there are local shops still operating, such as takeaway restaurants, corner shops or anything selling essential items, film them in action. Be sure to ask permission of the store owner, and observe social distancing guidelines, but this sort of video content will act as a great advertisement for local firms.

Film customer reactions to local shops

It is a good idea to engage the local public if you can, and many people will be happy to offer reviews and testimonials of local stores. As long as you observe social distancing rules, you can film local people and get their opinion of the service provided by local companies.

You don’t even need to be present to create this style of content. You can create posts on social media asking your followers to submit video clips of them talking about their favourite stores. This style of content is fantastic because you don’t spend time making it, and you have content that people will be keen to share.

Interview local businesses and consumer groups

If you can do so safely, this is a perfect time to interview local businesses or community groups. You can even conduct Zoom or Skype video calls and then share the footage later. We are looking for information and guidance right now, so hearing insight from professionals and people involved in supporting others is welcome content.

Make a video clip using a local firm’s website or making an order on a delivery app or site

You don’t even need to leave your home or office to create video content which promotes a local business. Screen record your computer or laptop when you are perusing their site or making an online order.

This will show people how simple the process is, and it should encourage people to check the company out, and make their own order.

Create a video where you ask people for local business referrals and recommendations

Your video can be as simple as you speaking to your audience and asking them to send them you reviews, referrals and recommendations. We are all in this together, and it is a great time for people to recommend businesses they trust, and who are doing a great job in trying circumstances.

Video content of this nature can be used on social media sites and your website, so there is flexibility in how you use this content. Some agents even incorporate video into their email newsletters. There is freedom in how you can use video content, and if you need any guidance, please contact Agent Media.

Harness the power of video content for your estate agent business

If you are also keen to create video content that focuses on your own business, consider the following options:

  • Create a slideshow or informative video about the properties you have to offer
  • Create a video of your team inspecting the property
  • Create a slideshow video or genuine video content of the views on offer from a property
  • Create a video where you share information on how to prepare a home for sale
  • Offer guidance on buying and selling property
  • Share a video which showcases your own team in action
  • Create videos where you talk about industry changes and regulations

We believe video content is essential for estate and letting agents these days. You have an opportunity to position yourself as an integral company in the local area, and as a property market specialist.

We are pleased to say we have helped many local estate and letting agents create video content that promotes their business and local area. If you are looking for assistance in creating video content that connects, contact Agent Media today.

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