Branded Video Content Creates New Instructions

Hopefully you have started using video content on social media, as it is a hugely effective way for estate agents to promote themselves and give people useful information. Video content should be an integral part of your property listing strategy, but moving forward, you should look to use video as much as you can. Video […]

Your Content Needs To Showcase Your Location

We all know location is crucial in the property market, but as an estate agent, are you doing enough to ensure people know your location, and the areas you operate? Your content needs to showcase your location, and there are many ways you can create and share content which will connect you with the audience […]

Estate Agents Need Paid And Organic Content To Win Leads

Ideally, an estate agent could generate all the leads and traffic they need without paying a penny. Of course, in the real world, this isn’t the case, and promotional activities and marketing are necessary, and often expensive. There is a need for agents to find value for money in how they generate leads, but of […]

Estate Agents – Don’t Let Buyers Escape

With so much content and posts available online, it is easy for estate agents to feel they have one shot at connecting with prospective clients. Even if someone makes their way to your site or spends time on your social media page, unless you get some form of commitment there and then, you might feel […]

Agent Blog Content Must Match Their Business

If you are an estate agent looking for ways to increase traffic and win instructions, you are likely spending a lot of time researching strategies. You should find content pops up on a regular basis. The phrase “Content Is King” is still true when it comes to boosting businesses, engaging your audience and winning new […]