Automated Content Isn’t Right For Your Estate Agency

Technology has a massive role to play in helping companies make the most of their time these days, and every estate agent will tell you that they need more time. Technological products and software may not give you more time, but they can help you use the time you have more effectively. When you know […]

Blog Images: Be Aware Copyright Images Can Cost You

The right image can set off your blog post perfectly, but if the right image can say a thousand words, the wrong image can cost a thousand pounds. Or maybe even a lot more. When it comes to copyright law, many estate agents are in the dark about the risk they take if they use […]

Importance of Email Marketing for An Estate Agent

Email marketing has been an important tool in the marketing box of businesses for a number of years now and done poorly this could cost your brand dearly. However, done correctly – you could be one step ahead of your competition and be winning more instructions. Let’s be honest, for estate agents we know that […]

8 Reasons Why A Letting Agent Should Blog Every Week

Creating a blog on a weekly basis is of great benefit to many companies : here are 8 reasons why a letting agent should blog every week. Fresh content draws people to your blog and site If you want people to follow you and take an interest in what you do, it makes sense to […]

10 Blog Writing Ideas For A Letting Agent

A blog is a brilliant way for businesses to reach out to their audience but many people are unsure of what to write about. Here are 10 blog writing ideas for a letting agent. Businesses and employment in the local area Emphasising that you have local knowledge and awareness is always a good thing for […]