Bespoke Images Will Increase Interaction and Engagement

Social media, and the internet as a whole, has been brilliant for bringing new ideas to life, and for showing people things that they haven’t seen before. Unfortunately, social media is also responsible for people seeing the same image or video clip time and time again. The first time you see something, it might be […]

Social Media Content – Committing To The Process

You look away from your phone, stare at the clock and do a double take. Even though it seems as though you were on your phone for just five minutes, more than an hour has passed, and it feels as though you have taken nothing in. You are not alone. According to a TechJury survey […]

Better Know Your Audience With Content

As an estate agent, it is likely you have a good idea of who your audience is. Even if you haven’t formally detailed who you try to reach and who you provide services for, you will likely have a person or household in mind with everything you do. If you don’t have this, stop whatever […]

Your Content Needs To Showcase Your Location

We all know location is crucial in the property market, but as an estate agent, are you doing enough to ensure people know your location, and the areas you operate? Your content needs to showcase your location, and there are many ways you can create and share content which will connect you with the audience […]