Estate Agent Newsletters: Still Valid In The Modern World

With so much focus on social media, online activities and digital marketing, it is easy to assume traditional marketing methods are outdated and no longer of value or benefit. A lot of companies, across many industries, have moved “all-in” with digital promotion, but if you are an estate agent, you know there are benefits of […]

Importance of Email Marketing for An Estate Agent

Email marketing has been an important tool in the marketing box of businesses for a number of years now and done poorly this could cost your brand dearly. However, done correctly – you could be one step ahead of your competition and be winning more instructions. Let’s be honest, for estate agents we know that […]

5 Effective Ways to use Email Marketing for Estate Agents

“For real estate agents, it’s important to have everything that their customers require in a least time possible. If they are not fulfilled, customers have a better choice at the next step. And it’s the ever growing competition in the real estate market which is compelling them to find out some unique ways to make […]

How Every Touch Point Should Link Back To Your Social Presence

Making the most of a touch point is essential for businesses and no matter where your touch point, you should be looking to maintain the customer or maintain a bigger or more controlled dialogue with them. If a potential customer has a contact point with you and then moves away without creating a connection, you […]