Are You The Trusted Agent In Your Local Area?

If you operate in a busy location, it is likely there will be many estate agents operating in the same place and vying for the same clients as you. Estate agents know that they are employed in a competitive market, and there are many ways a professional can differentiate themselves from rival companies and individuals. […]

Always Reinforce The Benefits To Your Customer

As an estate agent, you offer a great range of services and features to your customers. However, what your client is really interested in is the benefits of these services. If you can promote these services and features, while reinforcing the outcome and benefits to your prospective customer, you will find they take a much […]

Are You A Reactive Or Proactive Agent? You Need To Plan Blog Content

A proactive estate agent plans ahead for problems and is ready to respond instantly or has prevented problems from arising. A reactive estate agent is one who deals with problems when they arise, focusing on them fully. While it is easy to see why many people say being proactive is better than reactive, there are […]

When Was The Last Time You Asked Buyers What They Want?

As an estate agent, one of the most important things you will do is bring buyers and vendors together. On the one hand, you will likely represent a homeowner who is keen to sell their home. A good estate agent will have sold homes in this area before, and will be able to impress on […]

Estate Agent Social Media In 2021 – What’s The Song And Dance?

If you have been paying attention to social media in 2021, and as an estate agent it is vital you do, you will know there has been a big song and dance about everything. This is because TikTok is on fire at the moment, and their success in driving interest and traffic has caught on […]