Do You Believe In Your Brand? Use Social Media To Tell Others

When it comes to your brand, it is perfectly acceptable that many people have suspicions about companies that place their brand front and centre in everything they do. However, no matter how much you don’t like to think about your brand or how little you feel it is important, it is essential that estate agents […]

Challenging market conditions? Social Media is more important than ever

Estate agents don’t need to be told that the current UK property market is a challenging one. Every professional in the business will have their own facts and figures, not to mention their own anecdotal evidence, which reminds them that this is a tough time for people who operate in the property market. There is […]

Social media retargeting for Estate Agents

While social media provides excellent advertising opportunities for estate agents, it can be a challenging process. With so much competition, and with users having so little time, even engaging your audience and getting them to click a link or read an ad is no guarantee of success. In fact, you’ll find most people who engage […]

Corporate Brand v Personal Brand

Branding is vital for estate agents, but what brand is more important. Is it more important for a company to have a striding and confident corporate brand that people instantly recognise or is a personal and more identifiable brand better for winning clients? There are arguments to support both brand personas and at Agent Media, […]

Benefits of Social Media & Content for your Estate Agency

With the estate and letting agency sectors being highly competitive, your agency needs assistance in standing out from the crowd. If you want to be the agent that your local community turns to, having a strong social media presence and delivering fantastic content is essential. 5 crucial benefits of social media for an estate and […]