Are You Selling Homes With More Video Content? Do Your Blog Readers Know?

We all know the way estate agents sell homes and connect with clients has changed a lot in the last couple of years. The pandemic, and various lockdowns, have forced estate agents to be creative, making sure they present homes in an effective manner while making sure they provide as much information to likely buyers. […]

Share Content That Makes Vendors Trust Your Ability To Sell

You don’t just want social media followers who like your posts or who find you funny. You want to develop a social media audience that is filled with people who think you are the ideal agent to sell their home for them. Therefore, you need to create content that makes vendors trust your ability to […]

Selling Homes Using Facebook Live

If you are an estate agent, you’ve likely have spent a lot of time in the past few weeks and months developing your awareness and use of video content. Video content, such as virtual views, video tours and real-time chat, have long been highlighted as a way for agents to connect with their audience. However, […]