Agent Media Providing eFilm Virtual Viewing Solution For Estate Agents

Agent Media is pleased to offer eFilm virtual viewing solutions for estate an d letting agents looking to help vendors and agents promote their property during the Coronavirus crisis. Government advice for the housing market recommends virtual viewings as a way for agents to provide support and service to clients while following social-distancing advice. Clients […]

How To Share Landlord Reviews

No matter the industry you operate, social proof is critical in the present day. If you are a letting agent looking to entice landlords to your business, you need to offer reviews. People want to see what people like them think of you, and they want to see reviews from genuine users. Therefore, you should […]

How To Attract Landlords To Your Agency

As a letting agent, you must know the importance of having landlords using your services. If you don’t have landlords using your services, you don’t have a rental property to offer, and you won’t attract tenants. Ideally, you need to attract tenants and landlords, bringing both these parties together, but having landlords on board can […]

How to set up a Facebook campaign to target Landlords

The fact that Facebook boasts of having more than two million users on the site each month could be off-putting when it comes to using it to support your business. If you are an estate agent keen to reach out to landlords, you may think that the volume of users would make your search akin […]

16 Content Marketing Ideas to Attract More Landlords

If you have a service that helps landlords, you need to make sure you reach out to landlords. This can be difficult, but one of the smartest ways to attract more landlords to you is through the content you create and share, and it makes sense to create as many blogs or vlogs as you […]