Estate Agents Guide to Lead Generation and Marketing

In today’s competitive property world, having a website is a vital part of estate agent marketing and one of the top ways to attract clients. Unfortunately, building a website isn’t enough. Even if you create a quality site that attracts thousands of visitors per month, you’ve only won half the battle. Converting these visitors into […]

The Right Lead Magnet Is Golden

It is likely you know that a lead magnet is essential if you are looking for people to connect with you and share their personal details and contact information. It is not unreasonable for your audience to expect something from you in order to hand over their details, but a good estate agent will realise […]

Vendor and Landlord Lead Generation Facebook Advertising Packages

Agent Media Group are pleased to announce our new service for all estate and letting agents in the UK. We have decade’s worth of experience in helping estate agents reach clients, and we know what you want and don’t want. Agents need vendor and/or landlord leads Agents don’t want to learn how to create their […]

Facebook lead generation for Estate and Letting Agents

All estate and letting agents want to generate leads. When you generate leads, you increase your chances of connecting with people and gaining instructions. Therefore, generating leads must be viewed as an essential component of your business, and you can use Facebook to generate leads for your business. The key aspects of generating leads on […]