Explained: Facebook Advertising Targeting For Estate And Letting Agents

There are more than enough statistics regarding Facebook users to convince you should use this platform, but you don’t even need to dig that deeply. A simple look around lets you know how many people use Facebook. Therefore, as an estate or letting agent, you want to be where your audience is, and this means […]

Competition Ideas For Estate And Letting Agents

People love competitions. The anticipation that comes from knowing you might win a prize is a great way to generate interest in your agency, and create awareness in what you do. If you are an estate or letting agent, you operate in an extremely challenging industry. You need to work hard, and smart, to be […]

Coronavirus: Content Ideas for your Estate and Letting Agency

I would like to provide you with 10 content ideas that will be helpful in maintaining your social presence while supporting your audience. Right now, we don’t believe sales and promotional messages are of value, they may even be detrimental to how your business is perceived. However, people are looking for guidance, information and diversions. […]

Why Social Media Is Important For A Letting Agent

While social media is becoming an increasingly important everyday business tool for many companies, it can be difficult for many professionals to work out why it is relevant to them. Here are some reasons why social media is important for a letting agent. Social media should showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise In the letting […]