Different Type Of Facebook Adverts An Estate & Letting Agent Can Use

With Facebook ads offering estate and letting agents an opportunity to target their exact audience, it is easy to see why so many professionals in the property and rental market are keen to capitalise on this option. However, if you are new to Facebook ads, the process can seem overwhelming. Of course, it doesn’t have […]

Importance Of Using Facebook Groups For Your Estate Agency

Estate agents need to find ways to stand apart from other agents and to make themselves appear to be the natural choice for vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants. Of course, on top of the problems that we are experiencing this year, estate agents have a raft of challenges and issues they must overcome to be […]

Run A Leaflet Campaign And Enjoy Success

As an estate or letting agent, you have probably created and distributed leaflets to inform your local community of your fees and services. Leaflets are a traditional form of marketing in the property sector, but you don’t need us to tell you they are not effective enough. Many agents find 99.9% of leaflets go straight […]

How To Win New Instructions Using Facebook Boosting Of Posts

If you’re an estate agent, you want to gain new instructions. However, so does every other agent in your local area, and beyond! Many agents are unsure of how to win new instructions or are wary of the time, effort and cost involved with reaching your audience and attracting attention. However, did you know gaining […]

Facebook events ideas for an Estate and Letting Agent

If you are an estate or letting agent, you need to be active on Facebook. However, being active on Facebook doesn’t just mean posting photos of homes and sharing listings. You should engage your audience in a range of ways, and Facebook events are a fantastic way of connecting with your audience. With the lockdown, […]