Where Is Your Audience? What Social Platform Is Best For You

You know social media platforms allow you to connect with people, but not all social platforms are the same. You may enjoy using one platform over another personally, but is this the best platform for your business. You must know where your audience is, and what social platform is best for you. You don’t have […]

Generate New Relationships on Linkedin to Win More Instructions

LinkedIn is often an overlooked social media platform when it comes to reaching out to people and developing your business. While primarily seen as a business to business (B2B) platform, it is a location where you can engage a wide range of people and businesses. If you are estate agent, you should look to generate […]

Is LinkedIn Suitable For Estate Agents To Attract New Clients?

Every estate agent should be looking to attract new clients. If you feel you have exhausted the main avenues available to you for finding new clients, have you considered LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for making business connections, but it can also be used to engineer leads, make connections and position yourself as an […]

9 compelling reasons why Estate Agents should be using social media

If you are still unconvinced that social media is the ideal platform for your estate agents business. Here are 9 compelling reasons why estate agents should be using social media. People use social media Let’s be honest, your audience is on social media. If you are looking to reach out to people, it makes sense […]

The advantages of social media to Estate Agents

While most people are aware of social media, and even its use as a business tool it is vital that you know why you are using social media, as opposed to just using it because everyone else is using it. There are many key reasons why estate agents should have social media accounts, and in […]