Turn Your Website Into A Local Community Hub

Creating a News section on your website is a fantastic opportunity for you to create a local community hub that people return to or share stores with others. By having this space on your site, you have a natural place for yourself, and others, to link to from social media. With various links to your […]

Supporting local companies: Video content ideas for an Estate and Letting Agent

The use of video content and live video communication has risen considerably in recent times. With remote working commonplace during lockdown, many people are increasing their confidence and competency with live video. The convenience of video connectivity makes it a natural choice for many firms, and this is true for estate and letting agents. By […]

Thought For The Day – Your Personality Wins Clients

Most clients want an estate agent with experience, with local knowledge and with a good track record. However, even if someone narrows down their options to agents who match this criterion, they will still have a lot of professionals to choose from. There are a lot of great estate agents and agencies operating today. This […]

How To Promote Your Estate Agency: Balancing Bashfulness and Boasting

When it comes to promoting your estate agency business, you know you need to be seen and heard. This is a highly competitive marketplace, and you have plenty of rivals, even if you operate in a small, local area. Many people have a preconceived idea about estate agents and their self-confidence levels. There is a […]