6 Awesome Facebook Live Ideas for Estate Agents

Given the way Facebook is clamping down on business pages organically reaching their audience, and the growing importance of live video content, it makes sense to consider Facebook Live to promote your estate agency business on social media. Not everyone is confident being in front of the camera, but with this fast and affordable option […]

Social Selling Process For An Estate Agent

One of the biggest complaints that many estate agents have about social media sites is that they don’t allow them to make sales directly. That is a true statement, but it is also a statement that completely misses the point of social media sites. Estate agents need to remember that their sale is likely to […]

9 Tips To Create An Effective And Social Website

Having an online presence for your business is vital, but you need to make sure that you are using your site in the most effective manner. Here are 9 tips for creating an effective and social website. 1. Make sure that you get people onto your site in the first place. You could have the […]

4 Stages For Successful Estate Agency Blogging

If you are an estate agent, running a blog is a great way to draw interest to your site and online presence. If you have never blogged before, you may not know where to begin, but these 4 stages provide you with the perfect platform. Stage One – Have your own domain name and self-hosted […]

Social Media Marketing Is Trending And Estate Agents Are Signing Up

There is no getting away from the fact that one of the biggest phenomenons in recent years has been social media sites. With the emergence of the internet, improved internet connections and mobile devices making it easier to get online, it is easy to see why so many people around the world have been flocking […]