Twitter advertising guide for Estate Agents

Twitter is a great platform for connecting with people, showcasing what you have to offer and developing your brand. Give that there can be a strong local aspect to what you do on Twitter, it makes sense that estate agents use the platform. Of course, given the competitive and fast-paced nature of Twitter, many estate […]

Get Personal On Twitter: Your New Year Resolution

Okay, we still have the festive period to get through and that may require a lot of thought and planning. However, there is never any harm in looking forward and when it comes to turning over a new leaf or making changes in your life, there are few more relevant times than New Year. You […]

9 compelling reasons why Estate Agents should be using social media

If you are still unconvinced that social media is the ideal platform for your estate agents business. Here are 9 compelling reasons why estate agents should be using social media. People use social media Let’s be honest, your audience is on social media. If you are looking to reach out to people, it makes sense […]

The advantages of social media to Estate Agents

While most people are aware of social media, and even its use as a business tool it is vital that you know why you are using social media, as opposed to just using it because everyone else is using it. There are many key reasons why estate agents should have social media accounts, and in […]