Share Content That Makes Vendors Trust Your Ability To Sell

You don’t just want social media followers who like your posts or who find you funny. You want to develop a social media audience that is filled with people who think you are the ideal agent to sell their home for them. Therefore, you need to create content that makes vendors trust your ability to […]

Agent Media Providing eFilm Virtual Viewing Solution For Estate Agents

Agent Media is pleased to offer eFilm virtual viewing solutions for estate an d letting agents looking to help vendors and agents promote their property during the Coronavirus crisis. Government advice for the housing market recommends virtual viewings as a way for agents to provide support and service to clients while following social-distancing advice. Clients […]

How To Attract New Vendors To Your Agency

If you want to attract new vendors to your agency, you need to know what vendors need from you. Vendors want to sell their home quickly, and for the best price. There are many different factors involved with the process, which is where you can prove your worth and value, but ultimately, vendors want to […]

3 Ways To Win Clients With Social Media

As an estate agent, you should always be looking for ways to win new clients. Knowing who your audience is and ensuring you provide a good service to these clients are important tasks but the middle step of winning clients is vital to your overall success. This is why you should always be looking for […]

Generate Valuation Leads Today in 3 Simple Steps

We all know that getting properties to the market is one of the biggest struggles for an estate agent. With the uncertainty of the property market in the last 12 months this daily task for an estate agent has become even harder. But people still need to move right? Absolutely! People love talking about themselves […]