The Big Blogging Mistakes Businesses Still Make In 2022

As an estate agent, you don’t have time to waste when it comes to promoting your business.

You operate in a highly competitive marketplace, and you probably already spend a lot of time each day on your business. You don’t have spare time to try new things unless you are sure they are going to work, and you can’t afford to waste time on experiments.

This is why a lot of estate agents don’t bother with blogging. They probably see it as an inefficient use of their time, when there is so much else to do.

At Agent Media, we understand this, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are no guarantees in life, but it is possible to minimise risk, and enhance the chances of achieving success.

Blogging can boost your estate agent business by putting you in front of more people, and by showcasing your credentials. When blogging is done well, it is a massive boon to a business.

Of course, when blogging is done badly, it is a waste of time and money. Many estate agents, and every business that blogs, makes major mistakes when it comes to blogging, but you don’t have to.

Agent Media will take you through some of the big blogging mistakes businesses still make in 2022. If you blog for your business, knowing and avoiding these mistakes will only be good for your business. If you are looking for a company to blog on your behalf, consider these tips as our platform for being the company that helps you blog your way to success.

Choosing the wrong topic is a big mistake many estate agents make when blogging

You might think that you cant really go wrong when it comes to blogging. If you find a topic that is of interest enough to you that you want to write about it, surely it will be of interest to your audience?

This isn’t the case.

A lot of estate agents, in an attempt to broaden the reach of their blog write about a wide range of topics. This might make the blog content more appealing to a higher number of people, but if the new people have no interest in your services, is it of benefit to your business?

It isn’t.

This is why estate agents must choose the right topics when it comes to blogging.

Sticking with industry topics and local news stories is a good starting point, but even then, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people want to see what you write.

If you write about developments with respect to the local letting market, and you only help people sell their home, you probably aren’t going to connect with your audience.

If you write about local schools in your area, but you let property to students, you’ll find that the content is of no interest to the people you want to drive to your site.

Taking a common-sense approach to blogging is sensible, but even then, you want to hone your focus on what matters to your audience.

Some ways you can be more guided in what you write about includes:

  • Ask your audience what they want to hear from you
  • Carry out keyword research on your site and find out how people are arriving at your site
  • Review your competitors and see what content is successful for them
  • Consider your areas of expertise or specialist services

By taking some time to consider the topics you write about, and making sure they are focused on the interest of your audience, you will be more likely to connect with people who matter to your business.

Not publishing regular and consistent content is a big mistake

We’ve already discussed that estate agents are busy people, and you feel obliged to be present for your clients. If you work long hours, the thought of writing a blog on top of your everyday work is very off-putting.

This is a big factor in why many estate agents fail to post regular blog content.

It is easy to start a blog with good intentions, and you might even manage to rattle off a couple of blogs at the start of the process. However, before too long, life and work gets in the way, and your blog updates are as empty as an unfurnished flat that doesn’t have any viewings arranged.

With no new content, there are fewer reasons for people to visit your site, and the leading search engines aren’t updated with content for you. This means you’ll find it harder to rank, and of course, if you check your analytics and see you aren’t driving traffic to your site, your motivation for creating new blog content will be further reduced!

We appreciate many professionals love their work, but they don’t like to blog about what they do. This is natural, but given the importance of regular blog content, it is vital that you have this material on your site.

At Agent Media, we are more than happy to provide regular and tailored blog content for your website, that ensures you please your audience, and the search engines.

Attempting to sell services with every blog article is a big mistake

As an estate agent, you want to meet new clients, drive instructions and generate new business for your company. Ultimately, everything you do should have this end goal in mind.

However, selling shouldn’t be the immediate goal of a lot of the work you do, and this is the case with blogging.

If someone lands on your blog page, and it is nothing more than promotional content, you will find the majority of people will log off.

It is not as if a lot of people visit an estate agent website to be entertained, but they want to be informed and updated. Your blog content is as much about placing you as a trusted source in the industry, and as an estate agent that people can rely on.

Therefore, don’t go heaving with promotional content in a blog. By all means have links to promotional pages where people can take an initial interest further, but with many blog posts, it is best to give people a chance to get to know you.

Not making your blog comprehensive enough is a big mistake

There is no such thing as the perfect length for a blog post. There are many studies and reviews of what sort of content ranks on Google and other search engines, and some people believe that the longer the content, the better.

It is perhaps easy to see why some people come to this conclusion, but equally, it is an indicator that the most obvious point that arises from statistics and numbers isn’t always right.

On any “first search page” for a relevant term, it is likely that the first answer will have a significant length. However, it is also likely that other pages in the results have more content, and yet are ranked lower.

There are a few reasons for this.

It is important to remember that many factors impact rankings, including how trusted a site is, the authority it has, and how users react on the site. All of these elements can place a page with less content above a longer article.

It is also important to remember that a longer page doesn’t necessarily mean a better page or one that answers users’ needs.

Search engines such as Google want to provide people with the best answer to their query or search. This means the page which offers the most comprehensive and usable answer to the search terms will likely be deemed as the best.

When you create blog content, you want to deliver fantastic content that meets people’s needs on that question. If you write too little, you won’t provide a good user experience. If you write too much, you might lack focus or you could end up boring people, which again, offers a bad user experience.

When it comes to what is the ideal length for blog content, the answer is always enough to meet your user’s needs, and no more!

There are many mistakes you must avoid

Other big mistakes which can hamper your blog content include:

  • Your content is poorly formatted, making it difficult or very boring to read
  • There are no visual elements to the blog, again, making the page seem dry and dull
  • There are no links in, out or around your website
  • There is no obvious next action for the reader to take
  • You use dull titles which readers don’t want to click

All of these mistakes hamper your chances of success when blogging, so you need to review your content and avoid these problems to boost your chances of success.

Contact Agent Media to avoid blogging mistakes that can hamper your estate agent business

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents create blog content that drives traffic to their site and helps them win instructions. We know what works for estate agent blogs, and we know what the big mistakes are.

If you want to avoid the big mistakes when creating blog content, contact Agent Media today, and we’ll be more than happy to help.