The Digital Battlefield For Estate Agents

Being an estate agent is difficult, and you need to work hard daily. There are far more strenuous and dangerous roles or activities you can engage in, so it is all relative, but the agents who success are the ones who battle to come out on top.

We all know location is essential for estate agents, and the property market as a whole. However, the area where you achieve success is shifting, and it is imperative that estate agents understand the importance of being found online, and connecting with people.

If it helps you to focus your mind on this, consider the digital battlefield as being the place where your business will thrive or flounder in the years to come. The growing importance of the online world is already a reality for estate agents, and it is unlikely to diminish. If anything, it will become even more important.

This is why you need all the assistance you can find, and Agent Media is on hand to help you achieve success in the digital realm.

Estate agents are moving their money away from portals

A recent study by Starberry indicates estate agents are spending more money on digital marketing than ever before. Given the company is a digital platform supplier, they clearly have a bias in the market, but they have the sums to back up their claim.

Their figures indicate there has been a 495% increase in digital marketing spend in the first three months of 2021 by estate agents.

Ben Sellers, founded the company, and he believes estate agents are looking for cost-effective solutions which help them gain instructions and leads. Ben provided a statement, reported by The Negotiator website, saying; “Because estate agencies were not focused on their own digital presence in the past, they were heavily reliant on portals to generate leads.”

He has likened digital advertising to being similar to a traditional shop window, and believes estate agents are spending more money on their website.

Ben continued by saying; “We are also seeing agents increase their spend on their communication channels and digital marketing campaigns”.

This information correlates with findings from a Cardiff based lead management platform. Homehere claim that an agents’ website is more effective at creating sales and letting leads than the leading property portals.

Their information breaks down the percentage of leads generated as follows:

  • 39.4% of leads were converted from the agents’ website
  • 35.9% of leads were converted from Rightmove
  • 19% of leads were converted from Zoopla
  • 5.7% of leads were converted from OnTheMarket

Your website is your platform to engage your audience

Lou Quinn is the founder of Homehere, and he believes it is time for agents to consider the importance of their website, as opposed to relying on property portals.

Lou provided a statement, reported by The Negotiator, which read; “I think given the ongoing my ‘portal is better than yours’ conversation it’s a great time for agents to question how much value the portals really generate for them. We know from the data that when it comes to valuations they’re all pretty poor so really they are still just glossy online magazines at the moment.”

Quality versus quantity has always been an issue that estate agents need to consider when it comes to leads, and Lou Quinn touched on this topic. He said; “And that’s why agents are beginning to realise that while they are now paying for two or maybe three portals, and soon could be paying for Boomin too, these generate lead volume where as their own websites create quality.”

Quality and organic leads lead the way

There is no denying the importance, and impact, of organic and genuine leads.

An agent that interacts with people on social media and directs them to their website or physical store is more likely to have success than one which relies solely on platforms such as Rightmove or Zoopla to funnel people towards them.

Another thing that should be of concern to estate agents is what happens if these platforms stop or dry up.

Right now, there is considerable debate as to the future of Facebook Ads, given that the latest Apple operating system, iOS 14.5, negates the impact of advertising on the Facebook platform. There will inevitably be workarounds and new solutions, but this should emphasise the fragility of running a business that is reliant on platforms you don’t own.

If you are dependent on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Rightmove, Zoopla or any platform, and one day they decide they don’t like you or that they go bust, your business can follow quickly. These platforms are good for connecting with new people and developing an audience, but ultimately, you want to move your audience to your own platform.

This means:

  • Moving people to your website
  • Collecting email addresses or telephone numbers so you have permission to contact these people directly
  • Increasing traffic to your physical store

These steps may sound daunting, but at Agent Media, we are here to assist you. Yes, we utilise social media activity, both organic and paid, to generate leads and drive traffic towards your business, but it is done with the purpose of ensuring people connect with you.

We provide an extensive range of services aimed at developing your website and social media presence, and we want you to have full power over your list. With this, you have the ability to speak directly with your audience, ensuring they know who you are, why you are the agent to help them, and to ensure they feel confident to book your services.

These are highly competitive times for estate agents, and you need to work hard to achieve success. For reliable and dependable support that builds sustainable success, contact Agent Media, and we will be more than happy to discuss your digital marketing needs.