The Right Lead Magnet Is Golden

It is likely you know that a lead magnet is essential if you are looking for people to connect with you and share their personal details and contact information.

It is not unreasonable for your audience to expect something from you in order to hand over their details, but a good estate agent will realise the right lead magnet is a golden asset in developing their business.

A good and relevant lead magnet positions you as an agent to be trusted, and it will help your audience.

What are the characteristics of the right lead magnet?

  • Your lead magnet should solve a genuine problem that your audience has, and which will make their life easier or better
  • Your lead magnet should quickly solve one problem, it shouldn’t look to resolve every issue or problem your audience has
  • Your lead magnet should be specific and tailored to a particular type of person, you shouldn’t create a generic lead magnet that you hope appeals to everyone
  • Your lead magnet should be to the point and easy to digest – a short PDF guide that is tightly packed with benefits is more effective than a sprawling ebook
  • There should be high value with the lead magnet, making your audience happy and appreciated when they receive it
  • The best lead magnets can be accessed immediately

Your perfect lead magnet will do all this, while showcasing your expertise and quality in your industry. You want to show you are the ideal estate agent for your audience, and the right lead magnet is essential.

What lead magnets can you offer?

When it comes to lead magnets, you are only limited by your imagination. Okay, you are maybe also limited by your budget, by time, and sensibility, but generally, you have a free reign when it comes to offering something to your audience which will persuade them to connect with you.

There are marketing companies who promise to share 70, 100 or even more lead magnet ideas and types with you. For some people and businesses, this is helpful, but for most folk, it is too much.

If you are looking to create a lead magnet for your audience, you don’t want to consider 100 options and then pick the best.

You want to know the most effective magnets for your audience and the property market.

At Agent Media, we are pleased to say we have helped many estate agents connect with their audience through lead magnets, and we know what works. Here are some of the most popular lead magnet options for estate agents:

Offer a free property valuation – This is an industry standard lead magnet, and if you aren’t offering a free property valuation to connect with potential clients, you are missing out. The valuation is the starting point of the sales process, so offering it at no charge to people looking to sell their home makes perfect sense.

Offer a PDF report about the local area – This is a popular lead magnet that works with buyers and vendors. If you are reaching out to buyers, you can give them all the information they need to know about the local area. This saves them time and effort, and it positions you as a useful company.

If you are looking to connect with vendors, showing you know the local area very well will give them confidence in your work. Vendors need to connect with buyers, and if you are an agent who knows the local area well, you have the background to bring vendors and buyers together.

A checklist for your audience’s next step – By providing people with a comprehensive checklist, or a step-by-step guide, for what they’ll do next, you position yourself as the expert who is perfectly placed to help people.

If you are trying to encourage homeowners to sign up for your property sales services, offer a checklist which takes people from placing a home on the market to accepting an offer and concluding the deal.

If you are trying to encourage buyers to sign up for your services, offer them a guide on how to apply for a mortgage, or what to look for during the buying process or anything which removes the uncertainty and doubt about what to do next.

Buying or selling a home is a massive step in people’s live, and people need as much assistance as they can. By offering clear guidance on what people need to do next, an agent becomes the obvious choice when people are ready to take that next step.

There are many lead magnets you can offer, but the methods listed above should help you connect with your audience in the most appropriate and effective manner.

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to position yourself as the number one choice in your local area. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to learn how a great lead magnet helps you win instructions and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.