Thought For The Day – Your Personality Wins Clients

Most clients want an estate agent with experience, with local knowledge and with a good track record. However, even if someone narrows down their options to agents who match this criterion, they will still have a lot of professionals to choose from.

There are a lot of great estate agents and agencies operating today. This may be good news for customers, although the volume of options may be slightly overwhelming, it isn’t fantastic news for agents, unless you can differentiate yourself from these other agents.

The aspect of you and your business, which allows you to differentiate from your rivals is you. Your personality is an integral component of your business, and why people will choose you over a rival agent.

Some of the leading personality traits for an estate agent to have include:
• Integrity
• Being proactive
• Persistence
• Enjoying the competitive nature of the marketplace
• Having the ability to be seen and heard
• Being able to pay close attention to detail

You shouldn’t claim to have a personality trait you don’t have just to look good in business. However, from this list, you should be able to find a feature or two you have which you can bring to the fore and utilise as part of your promotional activities.

While these traits can come to the fore when you meet clients in person, you need to find a way to include them in your social media activities. You can’t meet every potential new client upfront, but you want to showcase your credentials and personality traits whenever you can.

Show your personal side on social media
All businesses should show a personal side to themselves on social media. People prefer to engage with people, and if you let your audience know a little bit about you, they will be more likely to connect with you.

You only have to look at social media posts to see ways you can add a touch of personality alongside your standard promotional posts. One of the most common types of posts you see is motivational posts. These will often feature a famous quote or well-known saying over a stylish backdrop.

These quotes are great because other people relate to them, and it creates a connection. If someone sees you sharing a post that means something to you, which means something to them, they’ll feel as though they have something in common with you.

In a highly crowded and competitive marketplace, this style of a post may be the factor which persuades a customer to use your services over a rival firm. Therefore, think about sayings which mean a lot to you, and which showcase your personality.

If you have motivational posters or sayings on your walls, take a picture of these and share them on social media. Not only are you sharing information that helps you, but you also show that this is genuinely something you believe in, and which inspires you every day.

Be truthful when you engage with others
Social media should see you participating in two-way conversations with your audience. You should ask questions and encourage people to ask questions, respond and get involved. You should also make sure you post in a genuine and natural manner.

If people feel as though they are talking to a real person, they will trust you more, and this helps to create awareness of your agency, build relationships, and ultimately place you as the agent people choose when moving home.

Show your face and your surroundings
In letting your audience get to know you, you should show your face, your colleagues faces, and your surroundings. Anything which helps your audience connect with you, and remember you, has to be a decisive factor in standing out from other agents online.

If you are looking to engage your audience online, it is helpful to determine your personality, and then reach out while showcasing this personality. If you need support in creating marketing material or developing campaigns which place you at the forefront of your activities, contact Agent Media, and we’ll be happy to help.

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