Tips for Estate Agents Using Social Media


We believe that social media is a great tool, and one that can help many estate agents to enhance their business and provide a high level of service to their clients. Of course, it isn’t always easy to use social media and if you are not sure of how to get started, you may feel as though there is no point in doing so.

Yes, using social media can be challenging and daunting, but it is an increasingly important channel to use and when you start using it extensively, you will find that it is not so difficult at all. The following tips will help estate agents to make the most of social media.

Offline work
• Make sure you encourage employees to discuss social media while highlighting the ways in which it can help to sell or let property
• Encourage landlords and vendors to engage with the firm on social media, with liking and retweeting helping to bring properties or events to a wider audience
• List all of your social media platforms on all of your correspondence, pamphlets, business cards and any other printed material

Online work
• Be sure to email clients with details about your social media platforms
• Initiate a blog where you talk about your business and what work you do
• Email this blog to your database
• Link from your social media platform to your site or sites
• Follow and engage with local firms
• Like, share and retweet content from local firms
• Update all of your electronic signatures to promote your social media platforms
• Generate a hashtag that is relevant to your business
• Recommend relevant firms
• Set up competitions that encourage the sharing of your content
• Ask questions of your followers
• Provide relevant humorous content
• Create special offers only available to social media users
• Ask what information people want from you
• Add tweet this and like this buttons to every property you promote
• Offer guest blogs to local firms and organisations
• Provide insight into your business

The benefits of engaging and interacting in this manner will help your firm in a number of ways. Some of the most pertinent benefits that come from using online and offline activities to boost your social media marketing include:

• You will generate more traffic for your website
• You will increase the level of awareness in your brand
• You will help to strengthen strong local relationships
• You provide a human quality to your business
• You can improve the level of customer service you offer
• You can boost your rankings on Google
• It should be easier to learn what clients are looking from you
• You can increase your audience
• You can increase your share of the market
• You will have a better awareness of your clients
• Increasing profits

These are all benefits that firms are keen to benefit from, so it is easy to see why the use of social media is an attractive proposition to many firms. Setting up reliable social media platforms for your estate agent firm will take a bit of time and effort, but the rewards are worth the persevering.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK