Turn Your Website Into A Local Community Hub

Creating a News section on your website is a fantastic opportunity for you to create a local community hub that people return to or share stores with others. By having this space on your site, you have a natural place for yourself, and others, to link to from social media.

With various links to your website from social media, not only do you benefit in traffic from people, you send out positive signals to leading search engines. This will hopefully help you rank better, which can boost organic traffic towards your website from locations like Google and Bing.

What news should you share on-site?
One of the best things about being part of your local community is you have a great idea of what is going on around you. An estate agent operating in a major city will have different news to share from an agent based in a rural setting.

It is crucial you tap into the spirit of your community, and give people what they are looking for. Here are some of the ways you can create a news hub that is appreciated by your company.

• Interview local companies about themselves and what they offer
• Review products and services from local businesses
• Write about shops and groups in your local area
• Share photographs and video content of walks in your area
• Talk about the history of your local area
• Interview your audience about the shops and organisations they love
• Promote local community groups or events
• Share results and news from local and youth sports teams

Facilitate conversations on your website
You also want to create a two-way conversation with content, so it is worth considering encouraging comments on your posts. If you allow posts on your site, they should be moderated, so you will need to allocate time to that task. Unmoderated comments can lead to problems, and it is not worth the trouble it can cause.

However, a well-moderated news hub can act as a digital meeting point for people in your local area. Some people will share ideas, others might veer off onto other topics, but if you have a place where your local community comes together and interacts, you will be at the heart of this community.

With this sort of hub, you don’t even need to promote your services too much. With people coming to your site regularly, they will become familiar with your name, and they will recognise you as being part of the local community. They will also likely share content and links with others, driving traffic to your site, and boosting how you rank on search engines.

If you are interested in harnessing the power of community spirit on social media to sell or let homes, we can help. At Agent Media, we have a strong track record in helping estate agents set up campaigns and run content that promotes their local area and communities as a way of supporting themselves.

Drop us an email or phone Agent Media today to see how we can help you turn your website into a local community hub.

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