Twitter Can Work For Estate Agents


Businesses should be aware of the fact that it is possible to achieve a lot of success from promoting themselves online through the use of SEO. If you are unsure of what SEO, search engine optimisation, consists of, but you have heard about the positive benefits on offer, it is only natural that you will be keen to find out more about how it can benefit you.
You will see that there are a number of firms offering SEO services, and you may think that this is of benefit to your business. The thing is, it is possible to undertake SEO by yourself and through the use of Twitter, you will find that you can grab the benefits without having to call in the experts. This means you get all of the benefits at none of the cost and in a much shorter time period. This is something that estate agents should be looking into. One major UK estate agent caused quite a stir by stating that their 3rd best source of traffic towards their website hailed from Twitter, an announcement that meant many estate agents signed up for this form of marketing.
Google takes notice of your actions on Twitter
While you can increase the number of people landing on your site through Twitter, there is an even bigger benefit from doing so. When you have more unique links directing towards your site, Google takes notice and they will start your view site as being a credible site. This will help you to rise up the Google rankings, ensuring your site is found more people searching for what you have to offer.
There are a number of steps you should follow to ensure that you are using Twitter in the most effective manner. You should look to create a messaging schedule which consists of 80% content that has a news value while offering up 20% sales content or content that directs users to your social media platforms or website.

Some other tips that you should consider include:

• Having a great quality image and logo on your Twitter page
• Ensure that your description provides relevant and interesting content
• Look for the best new content for your industry
• Include an image of your store as the background of your Twitter page
• Make sure that your employees, friends and family members all follow your Twitter account
• Ensure your Twitter account information is listed on all stationery and communication channels
• Email your list saying that you now have a Twitter account
• Converse with followers
• Converse with your suppliers
• Converse and recommend reliable and high quality firms in the local area
• Best Twitter Practises for an Estate Agent
• Don’t tweet negatively or criticise suppliers or clients

There are four main things to bear in mind when using Twitter, which are:

• Listen
• Add Value
• Engage
• Interact

If you keep these steps in mind, you will find that you are able to connect with your clients on Twitter, helping you to promote your business and develop the number of potential customers you have.

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