How to Use Facebook Live When Showing A New Property For Sale

Given that video content is a great way to show people property you have for sale and social media is a fantastic way to reach out to your audience, being able to combine the power of video content and social media is something that all estate agents should have an interest in.

Live streaming and live video content is at the heart of many social media platforms these and as usual, Facebook leads the way. Facebook Live is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and if you are an estate agent, Facebook Live is a brilliant way to show as many people as possible the house or houses you available for sale.

A video walkthrough provides people with insight into what a property has to offer, perhaps piquing their interest and encouraging them to arrange a proper viewing at a later date. You’ll also find that a live video allows as many people as possible to see the property at one time, so you can work in an efficient manner. If you are an estate agent with new property for sale, Facebook Live is a fantastic tool and it is one you should be using.

Things to do in advance of a Facebook Live show

In order to maximise the impact of a Facebook Live show, you should take the following steps:

• Make sure the property is in great condition
• Promote the fact that you will have a live walkthrough of the property

These two steps are crucial and if you don’t follow them, there may be no point to using Facebook Live to show a new property for sale. You need to think of the Facebook Live showing as another viewing or open house. This means the property has to look at its best so it should be cleaned thoroughly, all clutter should be removed and if you are looking to stage the property for a particular buyer or with a specific theme or aim in mind, you should do this before you film.

You also want to make sure that you let people know that you are going to do a Facebook Live showing of the property. Many people may have an interest in the video but if they are not online at the time of the video, they may be unaware of your actions or intentions. However, if you promote the video content, this provides people with the chance to plan ahead and you will hopefully find that this allows more people to get online and watch the video as it happens alive.

You also need to plan and prepare the Facebook Live show. This means you should know the route that you are going to take through the house and you should prepare what you are going to say. Some people are confident in speaking “off the cuff” but even if you are confident in talking on camera, you will want to make sure that you have technical specifications and facts to share about the house.

Over-rehearsing what you are going to say may make the video seem stilted or robotic but it would be far better to be over-prepared and slightly stilted than floundering and not knowing what to say on live video.

The technical steps of using Facebook Live:

• Go into your news feed and click the “live option”
• If prompted, allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone
• Provide an engaging description for your broadcast
• Choose a location and tag in relevant people
• Set your camera view
• If you want to add filters, lenses or add writing to the video, do so now
• Click “Go Live”
• Engage and interact with the audience
• Click “finish broadcast”

Following these steps will ensure that you meet all of the technical requirements of using Facebook Live and you should find that it is very simple to use. If you are comfortable using Facebook, you won’t find any issues with using Facebook Live.

You can interact with your audience if you like
Depending on how comfortable and confident you are talking about the property or dealing with unexpected aspects, feel free to ask for questions. Users can type in questions and comments during a Facebook live show. If you are able to answer these questions, during the video, great, this will increase the engagement level of the video. However, if you would prefer all questions waited until the end, say this. Doing a live walkthrough can be daunting enough without placing yourself under more pressure, so you may want to leave questions until the end.

A smart idea is to ask for questions and then say you will respond to all questions later on your page or via email.

This will mean people have to come back to your Facebook page or they will have to provide you with their email address. This means a Facebook Live video is a great way to generate leads. You can add an incentive for people to offer their email address by saying you will shoot a video of the local area, which you will send out to people who provide their mailing list. This gives further value and it allows you to develop your list.

Video content is a fantastic way to showcase a property and with Facebook Live content (which can be saved and reused later), you’ll find that you can generate a lot of interest and excitement in new property you are looking to sell.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK