How To Use Social Media Over The Christmas Break

There are many things that many people look forward to at Christmas but for many folk, the best aspect is having the chance to relax. Planning and preparing for the festive period can be quite stressful, so being able to unwind and take things easier is a great gift at this time of the year. When it comes to business, some industries are very busy at this time of year while some are quiet, some even shut down entirely between Christmas and New Year.

Estate agents used to take things very quietly at this time because winter used to be a quiet period in the property market. There would always be work to do in the background, preparing for the hectic nature of the property market during spring but as for dealing with actual clients, a lot of estate agents enjoyed downtime over the festive holidays. This is no longer the case. The emergence of online property portals ensures potential buyers are searching for a new home throughout this period.

In fact, there is even a name for this period in the property market, The Boxing Day Bounce.
The name owes a lot to the high volume of people who search for property online at this time of year. You can see why someone looking to buy a home in the New Year would use this time to their advantage, and this means that estate agents should be active at this time to ensure they are in the minds of potential property buyers. For the 2015 festive market, Rightmove said that they had one millions visitors on Christmas Day, with the first full working day of 2016 seeing close to three million logging on to their site.

This indicates that people are looking to find property at this time of year, and this means sellers should be active. As an estate agent, you should be working closely with your clients in the run up to the festive period to ensure that their property is listed and available for perusal by potential buyers.

A lot of this work can be undertaken before Christmas but there is still work to do during the festive period and your social media platforms are key to reaching out to potential buyers. Bear in mind that many posts can be scheduled, so you can reach out without actually working during the break but for the best response and engagement, it is of benefit to have someone check in, answer any questions and ensure that your comments are posting as they should.

Remember to wish people the best of the season
It sounds like a simple thing but taking the time to wish your followers or fans the very best of the season is a good way to engage your audience.

Show off some personal aspects during the festive period
To succeed on social media, it is usually best to provide a personal aspect and you can do this over the festive period. Encourage some of your team members to share images of themselves enjoying the holiday or share pictures of the local area.
This level of engagement is a good way to encourage a connection with your audience and it shows that there is a personal side to your business.

Be topical and engaging
It is always beneficial to make topical comments and during the festive break, you have a chance to engage your audience in a more light-hearted way. Given that the highlight for many people at this time of the year is Christmas specials and blockbuster films, make sure you mention some of the shows that you and your loved ones are looking forward to, or which you have enjoyed.

Understand that people are looking for a lighter tone at this time of year
In general, the majority of your posts during the break should be fun and looking to engage people in the mood of the season. Feel free to ask questions to your audience, perhaps asking if they enjoyed their Christmas meal or what box set are they most likely to watch over the festive period.

Make the occasional promotional post or tweet
While the majority of your posts should be light-hearted in tone, remember to post some promotional tweets at this time of year. After all, the statistics indicate that people are looking for property online, so showing what homes you have to offer will be of benefit to many people. With respect to your tone, tap into people looking to make a change in 2018 and remind them that finding the right home can be a great way to make the most of the New Year.

Some estate agents may find it tempting to shut down completely over the Christmas and New Year period, after all, your employees deserve a break too. However, this is now a busy time in the property market and it would be foolish not to be active in this area, so feel free to schedule some posts or allocate time to engage your audience.

At Agent Media, we believe that some light-hearted communication at this time of year can create a platform which sees your estate agency become the number one choice for many people in the year ahead.

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Written by
Ian Charles Watson
Agent Media UK