Why Using Video Is A Great Way To Promote Your Estate Agency

If you are looking to promote your estate agency, using video is a great way to create awareness of your company and showcase what you have to offer.

Video content is the driving force on social media platforms these days
The importance of social media means it is worth paying attention to and video content is a massive force in social media these days. Improved technology and download speeds/streaming capabilities means that users expect and demand video content. With more and more people accessing the internet and social media platforms via smartphones and tablets, there is a growing demand for audio and visual content as opposed to a lot of straightforward text.

The use of video content provides people with the content they want on the main platform that is being used. If you’re looking to reach your audience in the most effective way, creating good quality video content is essential. If you need a reason to use video content, just remember video content is more likely to be shared. This can help boost your brand awareness and ensure that more people see what you have to offer.

If you run an email campaign, video content can increase click through rates
While video content ties in brilliantly with what people demand from social media, it isn’t only of benefit on social media platforms. It is good to have video content on your website and there is also a lot to be said for using video content in email campaigns. Various studies suggest that adding video content to your emails significantly increases clicks and link through activity.

Video content can boost your SEO
Video content is recognised as being a positive factor when focusing on SEO. If you have videos on your site, correct tagging and use of keywords will add another factor that search engines are looking out for. If you use video content on social media sites, it is a sign from a trusted source that your site has something of interest to users. Also, if you add your video content to a YouTube channel, you’ll benefit.

YouTube by itself is a major search engine with people looking for information and guidance but it is also a site that Google trusts (of course Google trusts YouTube, it owns it). This means that doing well on YouTube will make Google look at your content, and site, more favourably.

Providing video content allows people to see the homes you offer
All of the above reasons are valid in why you should be using video content but these reasons apply for every firm. For estate agents, the use of video content is essential for a very simple reason, it showcases what you offer in the best manner. If you can allow people to walk through or get a feel for an area or home before they have visited the property, there is likely to be a greater level of interest.

Also, the people who are interested are more likely to be seriously interested in what you offer. There will be lots of people who like the description of a home but once they see it, may not like it as much. If this doesn’t occur until people visiting the property, it can cost you time and money. However, if the use of video content helps to whittle out the non-interested parties, leaving only people who hold a genuine interest in the property, you’ll have a greater chance of letting the property out.

Video content can be made quickly and affordably
You may be concerned about the cost or time it takes to create good quality video footage but this isn’t the case. Good quality video content can be created on your smartphone without the need for expensive gadgets or effects. You can also edit and polish up your content on a range of software tools, many of which are available for free or at a low cost.

If you like the idea of video content but are worried about cost or technical limitations, don’t be, because these are no longer barriers to creating great and relevant video content.

There are many ways to promote your estate agency but in the current climate, and with social media being an increasingly important aspect of business, video content should be at the forefront of your promotional activities.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK