Visual Content Is Vital For Mortgage Companies

Given the importance of a mortgage, it is understandable that applicants are keen to research their options fully. Therefore, you might think that social media isn’t the ideal place for mortgage companies to spend a lot of time.

Social media is a lot of things to many people, but it isn’t considered to be a hub of learning or a place where people go to check facts.

However, as a mortgage lender, you realise your audience is on social media. Also, your audience needs information, so where better to give them what they need than in the place they socialise.

Get your points across quickly

Of course, social media sites like Facebook or Instagram aren’t locations for you to talk at length. This isn’t necessary though, as you will find visual content allows you to share information which gets you noticed, and which makes sure you are seen as the mortgage lender which helps people looking for a mortgage.

Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other form of content.

  • Facebook posts with images experience 2.3 times the engagement that posts without images experience
  • 46% of marketers have said photography is crucial to their marketing strategies and how they connect with their audience
  • Posts on Facebook with images benefit from 84% more click-throughs than posts without images

These results should impress on you’re the importance of visual content on social media.

You should also take time to realise you can offer a lot of information about what you do, what you offer, and how this can help you connect with your audience.

Images with headline figures and numbers work well

If your company has an 86% rate of helping clients find an affordable mortgage, how can you share this information best with your audience?

Do you write it in the manner described above, or would you share an image which features a smiling couple and the “86%” featuring prominently?

The latter is more engaging, it grabs attention, and it helps people to experience the outcome that comes with working with you.

If you want to show how figures have changed over time, or how mortgage values or rates compare to another time, how would you provide this information?

Would you describe the change in a sentence or two, or would you create a graph or chart which helps everyone see the change instantly?

Visual content is ideal for making complex matters understandable in an instant, which is perfect for social media. You want to make an immediate impact, because if something takes a long time to read, it will not be read on social media.

Give people what they need to know quickly

This style of content is effective on your website or in a report where people expect to read at greater length. Of course, on social media, people don’t want to read lengthy passages. By offering vital information in a quick and effective manner, you position yourself as the mortgage lender who gets their point across quickly.

This helps people to remember you. Also, if you create images that have your brand or logo on it, if people share the content, your name goes with it. This is hugely effective in generating awareness of what you do, and making sure you are the mortgage lender people trust.

If you are a mortgage company looking to sell mortgages and gain new clients, you need to offer images and video content on your social media accounts. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted mortgage companies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to learn how visual content helps you connect with your audience and ultimately, sell mortgages in a challenging time, contact us today.