What Do People Know About Your Estate Agent Business?

Making a move in the property market is a massive moment in a person’s life. This is a decision that people agonise over, reviewing their options and deliberating before making a final decision. People who are buying or selling their home need assistance, and they want to make sure they get help from experts who will make a difference.

Therefore, vendors and buyers don’t just research homes or local property areas; they also research estate agents. There are many estate agents to choose from, and people want to employ the services of an agent they trust and believe will help them sell their property.

Help people learn about your estate agent business
Therefore, you must ask yourself, what do people know about your estate agent business?

If the answer is not a lot, how can you expect people to choose you to help them make a massive decision in their life? You need to provide a compelling argument as to why you are the estate agent business that matters.

As a quick guide, it is essential people know the following aspects of your business:

• Your services
• Your location
• Your business hours

In the present day, it is vital you clearly state these on every online platform you have, and they all must say the same. This is because leading search engines place a great deal of importance on this information.

Google wants to provide people with the most accurate information. If your name or address is listed differently on various platforms, Google won’t know what to trust. When Google doesn’t know what to believe, they invariably lower your ranking, which makes it harder for people to find you.

You need to offer a consistent approach online, so take the time to make sure all vital information about your business is accurate.

Promote yourself by talking about your estate agent business
Once you have dealt with administrative matters about what people know about your business, you can start to promote yourself. There are many areas to focus on, including:

• Qualifications
• Experience
• Local knowledge
• Standing in the industry and community
• What other people think of you

These are all essential areas that people want to know about your business. The more information you provide on these topics help people to form an opinion on you and your ability to assist them.

If you and your team have qualifications and certifications, make sure people know. These should be listed on your website, and if anyone asks why these qualifications are relevant, you should answer them.

People want to choose an estate agent with experience, so make sure you list yours. This experience may be related to homes in the local area, similar houses to the ones you help to sell or just general expertise in the property industry. If you can provide examples of how you’ve helped vendors sell homes, you’ll put new clients at ease.

Local knowledge is critical in the property market, so make sure people know you have a local presence. To bolster this reputation, you need to move beyond solely promoting homes in the community. You need to promote local events, discuss communities and charity groups and maintain a presence in the community.

You also want people to see you are a respected pillar of your community and industry. If you have won awards or hold membership of individual bodies, let people know this information. If you have a track record in helping others, this is vital information. Playing an active role in your community doesn’t necessarily make you a better agent than others, but it makes you a more likeable person or firm. Sometimes, this is what helps clients decide on which firm to call on.

Also, never forget the importance of reviews. Social proof and trust are essential these days. When people write a review of you, make sure you share it on your site and social media. You have an opportunity to put people at ease through the reviews of previous clients, so take this opportunity.

How do I inform clients about me?
If you want to let people know all about you, be active on social media. By engaging with others, sharing content and developing a presence with a local focus, you’ll become a local estate agent people trust.

The content you can use to reach your audience include:

• Images of you in and around the local area
• Video clips of you in and around the local area
• Customer reviews and testimonials
• Infographics regarding local house prices
• Certificates

If you want to connect with your audience, you need to make sure they see you as a suitable firm in the local area. When it comes to developing a strong local presence which lets people know all about you, contact Agent Media.

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