Where Is Your Audience? What Social Platform Is Best For You

You know social media platforms allow you to connect with people, but not all social platforms are the same. You may enjoy using one platform over another personally, but is this the best platform for your business.

You must know where your audience is, and what social platform is best for you. You don’t have to be present on every social platform. Most experts agree it is best to focus your time, effort and energy on a limited number of platforms, ensuring you are fully present and engaging most effectively.

The Digital 2019 report, from WeAreSocial and Hootsuite, provides statistical information for this study.

Facebook remains the leading social platform in the UK
While there are many complaints and criticisms of Facebook, it remains the leading social platform in the United Kingdom. 78% of internet users in the UK use Facebook, and 71% of UK adults can be reached with adverts. This equates to 40 million people.

You don’t need to reach all these people, but given, so many people use Facebook, it is likely the people you want to reach are on this platform.

Facebook Audience Insights suggests 35 to 40 million users are active on the site each month, and the split for users aged 18 or older is 52% identifying as female and 48% as male. For both men and women, the group aged between 25 and 34 was the largest age group.

This correlates with the average age of first-time buyers in the UK, so estate agents should look to be active on this platform.

YouTube is classed as the second-largest social platform in the UK
You may not consider YouTube to be a social media channel, but with almost as many users as Facebook enjoys, this is a channel you cannot afford to ignore. There is also the fact YouTube users visit the site to search for content actively, and if you can provide relevant content, you have a strong chance of connecting with your audience.

The 2018 figures for YouTube suggest over 37 million users were on the platform. With an average viewing session of 40 minutes (according to Omicore), users are not only searching for content; they are devouring it in large amounts.

Again, it would help if you didn’t think every YouTube user is a potential client, but with so many people using the platform, your audience is likely to be present on YouTube.

Instagram is on the rise, but Twitter is stuttering
In 2019, figures suggest there were 24 million Instagram users in the UK, and all of the users can be reached with advertising. The gender split on Instagram is slightly more skewed to females with a 54% v 46% split.

On Twitter, the gender breakdown is skewed towards males, with a 60% to 40% split. However, according to figures provided by Twitter, only 13.6 million people in the UK can be reached by advertising.

This isn’t to say you should or shouldn’t use Instagram or Twitter, but you need to be confident your audience is on these platforms. If you use these platforms, are confident in connecting with people and feel as though your audience is within reach, there is no reason why you cannot use these platforms successfully.

LinkedIn is worth considering to reach professionals
In the UK, there are 27 million profiles, and there is a 60/40 split in favour of males. The number of login sessions is increasing, and LinkedIn state they have experienced growth in LinkedIn adverts.

There is no denying Snapchat and TikTok are popular social platforms, but they are aimed at a younger audience. For some companies and brands, these platforms are ideal, but for estate agents, it is best to focus on more established platforms for now.

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