Why An Estate Agent Should Use Images And Videos On Social Media

Estate agents should be using social media to reach out to their audience and to promote their properties. However, it is not just enough to be on social media, you need to make the most of your presence and connect to your audience in the right way. The traditional way of providing content to readers, on and offline has been with text, verse or the written word but in the modern digital era, times are changing and the statistics indicate that this is for the better.

There have been plenty of studies and research on the topic and it seems that there is a consensus that the human brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than it processes text. Add in the fact that 90% of information passed on to the brain is visual; it makes sense to focus on images and videos. That is just from focusing on the best way to connect with people, not focusing on the actual nature of social media platforms.

You only have to think about your own use of social media and what you react to know that images and videos will have a bigger impact than text. There is so much information on social media to take in and no one has the time to read through a lot of text. This is why using images and video content of the homes that you are looking to sell makes sense and it will bring about better results.

Promote properties in the most effective way
If you want to promote a particular property or get people interested in what is on offer, what is the best way to do so? Do you want to write a lengthy description about the rooms, the grounds and the style of the home or do you want people to look at the property? Giving people pictures and images lets them see exactly what is on offer. You could use one word to describe a home but someone may not know that word or may have a different opinion on what that word means or describes. This could see you being overlooked but when it comes to visual images, by providing people with clear and well-shot images of a home, they can make their own mind up.

You will also find that videos and images are more likely to be shared than text descriptions. This means that when it comes to reaching out to new clients, your content will be spread further and faster when you provide images and video content. Sometimes it is about reaching out to as many people as possible and when you provide information in a format that people are likely to share, you will find that there is a greater chance of the right people seeing what you have to offer.

There will always be a need for well-written and informative text, especially when it comes to selling a home. You need to provide people with all of the information about a property and eventually, there will be a need for legal documents to be agreed and signed. However, these stages are further down the process when it comes to buying and selling homes. For the initial stages, the stages that matter in attracting people to what you have to offer, there is a great deal to be said for focusing on images and videos to grab attention and to draw people to what you do.

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Written By

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