Why Do People Follow Estate Agents On Social Media?

Social media is at the heart of everything we do these days, both as people and in our line of work, but how often do we think about how we use our favourite platforms?

As an estate agent, you need to think about how you use social media, and how you can get the bets of it. An important starting point is thinking about your audience, and how you can best use social media to connect with people who might use your services.

In this regard, social media is like everything else in your business. There should be a reason and purpose to using it. If there isn’t, it is a waste of your time and money. However, when used properly, social media activity increases awareness and generates sales.

Some estate agents make considerable income, each month, through having a strong and relevant social media presence, and you can too.

To start with, think about why people follow estate agents on social media, and place this into context of your relationship with social media followers.

People need the services of an estate agent

The most obvious reason people have for following an estate agent on social media is they need the services of an estate agent. Choosing the right estate agent is a big task, because a great agent makes selling your home simpler, and more effective, while the wrong estate agent can be a disaster for a clients property ambitions.

You should therefore consider your social media platform as a place to showcase your skills and credentials. Potential clients will look at your activity, and maybe even follow you for a while to see what you offer. If you create a positive impression, it is far more likely that they will choose you as their estate agent.

If you create a negative impression, or you don’t make any impact at all, you’ll not see them in real life! So, it is vital you consider your social media platform as a way to promote yourself, and to say to people, I can sell your home.

How does an estate agent promote themselves on social media?

Well, the best way to show people that you can sell their home is to show your success in selling other people’s homes, and what you do when selling a home.

When you share a property listing on Facebook or Twitter, you aren’t just selling the home, you are selling yourself. If you post regularly, provide good updates, promote the property well and generally create a positive buzz around the property, you also do the same for yourself, and this means people will be more likely to choose you.

To see what is happening in the local market

Given the sums of money involved with the housing market, and the importance of making an informed decision, people want to know what is happening in the local market.

Whether your specialism is in a local area, or a particular style of home (or both), you can position yourself as a trusted source in this field. Provide people with information and guidance that helps them feel confident about the decision they need to make.

It might be that creating a list of local schools with their Ofsted ratings provides people with invaluable information. You might have people looking for a list of local stores, or even the local and regional crime rates.

You will also find many people looking for property prices, asking prices, demand for homes, rental yields and so many other things which influence the decision a buyer, vendor, landlord or tenant makes.

By being the estate agent with the answers to the questions your audience has, you become the agent everyone trusts.

People like seeing other people’s houses

As an estate agent, you need to accept that not everyone who follows you needs your services. People have a huge interest in other people’s homes and houses. It is likely that some people follow you because they want to see images and video clips that takes them into the homes of their neighbours, colleagues and residents of their area.

This might sound depressing, and often the work you do is seen by people who don’t need your services. However, this is part and parcel of the job, and of course, just because someone doesn’t need your services doesn’t mean that will always be the case.

Over time, the casual browser who likes looking at houses will need to move themselves, or they might know someone looking to move. If you’ve developed a relationship, becoming the estate agent they know and feel comfortable with, you will become the estate agent they use of recommend.

It is a great way to remain up to date with local news

An abstract reason that some people follow estate agents is to stay up to date with what is happening in the local area. Many estate agents have developed an excellent reputation for sharing local news stories, and providing insight into what is happening close to home.

While there is an almost never-ending array of news sources, it can be difficult to find a trusted source for news happening on your doorstep. Estate agents keep up to date with local news for their business, so it makes sense they would share this information with people.

Anything which positions you as a local expert has to be viewed as a positive thing for your business, so make sure you inform people as to what is happening locally.

Some people follow estate agents for entertainment

It might be people have found an amusing post on your page and follow you to see more of the same. Whatever your personality is, you should let this shine through in your social media activity. This doesn’t mean you should crack jokes with every post, but social media should be fun, and it might be that people appreciate a touch of humour.

Why does your audience follow you and can you do more?

Of course, humour might be the last thing a prospective client wants from their estate agent, so make sure you know what your audience wants from you.

When you know your audience, and what they want from you, it becomes easier to provide them with the content they need to see from a business they trust, recommend and use. Don’t be afraid to ask people, online and offline, what they want from you.

It is always good to ask questions or run polls on social media, as this creates engagement. Therefore, you can boost yourself with respect to the algorithm, and you can gain valuable insight which will help you create a more useful social media presence.

If you are an estate agent looking to capitalise on social media, you need to connect with your audience, and knowing what people want from you is a great way to achieve this. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to become the local estate agent people rely on, and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.