Why Facebook Pixels Are Important For Estate Agents

As an estate agent, you should be aware of the importance of social media and when it comes to numbers and engagement, Facebook is likely to be the best platform for you. Facebook has made it more difficult for businesses to enjoy organic reach and traffic in recent times, but there are still ways to develop an audience on the platform without breaking the bank. You will find that Facebook pixels are important for estate agents and as many estate agents are unaware of pixels, and the benefits they offer, there is an opportunity to get in front of your rivals.

You can check out the Facebook site for their definition of the Facebook Pixels, but it is rather dry and perhaps not too informative. All you need to know is that Facebook Pixels helps you track the movement of Facebook users who land on your website. The benefit of this is that it allows you to better target and advertise to these visitors.

Target people who have an interest in what you do
It means that you can use this pixel to track the activities of Facebook users who visit your website, so that you can better target and advertise to them.

While the information that Facebook is willing to hand over to the right organisation is a hot topic in 2018, for most businesses, Facebook isn’t going to hand over a list of people who have visited your site. The identity of these people will be kept a secret, but you will have the opportunity to advertise to people based on what they did on your website.

Given the importance of segmentation of your audience, you will find that creating custom audiences is of benefits. Examples of audiences you can create with Facebook Pixels include:

• Users who have viewed your website but didn’t reach a registration page
• Users who visited a page for a specific area
• Users who visited a page for a specific service
• Users who have visited your site within the past 180 days but who have not been on the site in a set amount of days, where you can choose the days.

This is hugely essential information to have at your disposal. If you have a new property for sale or let in an area, you can target users who visited the site page for that area, or who visited the page for the specific service. After creating a custom audience for the people who have viewed these pages, you can then run an additional advert aimed at these people.

You will contact people who have expressed an interest in you
Given that the people in this audience have already expressed an interest in this offer, or similar offers, it is far from a “cold lead” and hopefully will help you to improve the effectiveness of your targeting.

No matter what you do in business, you want to do it smarter. With Facebook Pixels, you have the chance to advertise in an extremely smart way because you are providing people with an offer that they have already expressed an interest in, or at least something similar.

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