Why Live Video Content Makes Your Social Channels Must-See Places

Social media is important for estate agents and if you have used social media of late, you will know that live video content is becoming popular. If you haven’t used live video content yet, you should, because this is the sort of content that makes your social channels must-see places.

If you are looking for quick reasons why your estate agency should use live video content, the following points are obvious:
• There is no charge to present live video content and you can create it at very little cost
• Live video content provides a true representation of your firm
• Live video content offers up to date news, opinions, deals and content

The fact that live content can be created with smartphones and there is no cost for sharing the content on social media means that most firms will be interested, but it is the immediacy f live content that makes your social channel a must-see place.

The property market moves quickly. Savvy buyers and vendors want up to date information and people will often act upon fresh information. If your channel becomes known as a place where new listings are shared first and directly, you’ll find that prospective buyers will follow you and request to be informed when you are about to go live.

With live content, you share information in real time and you can share quality information. While you can offer links that lead to the listings page, how good would a live video from outside of the property you are selling? You can launch the listing, you can give context for the local area and if the vendor was willing, you could even offer a walk-through of the property, all in your live content.

This is the sort of information and content that will see buyers following your page and because the buyers are attracted to you, you’ll find that vendors want to use your services. This is an extreme example of how you can use live content but even if you are sat in your office, offering advice on prices and property types, you’ll find that live content draws people to you.

Don’t forget that you can repost video content filmed and shared live later on. This is a brilliant way to ensure people don’t miss out on what you have to offer, and it means that you have more fantastic content that you can share.

You may want to edit your live video content into smaller sections. This can make it even more watchable for your audience, but it will also help you to answer specific questions. If you talked about several issues and matters on a live stream, editing the content so each clip focuses on one topic at a time helps you create even more relevancy.

There will be people who want an oversight from you, and the live video content where you discuss a range of matters is of immense importance. However, you’ll also find that having content that deals with a specific question mean you can direct people with that question straight to your answer.

If you want guidance on how to best use live content on your social channels, contact Agent Media and we will provide you with all the support and assistance you need.

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Ian Watson
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