Win More Instructions with Facebook Advertising

Getting instructions is becoming tough and as the market tightens these opportunities become few and far between. So, how can you look to resolve this? Facebook advertising!

If you currently have a Facebook page and not using the advertising opportunities available, you are missing out. That may sound a little harsh and direct but we are being 100% honest with right from the start. From as little as £50, you could raise the brand awareness for your estate agency, target a particular demographic and start generating valuations.

Facebook Advertising Is Not Rocket Science
With a little help from our team, you can create a Facebook advert within a matter of minutes. Many of our clients are doing this and it is winning them business. If your advert looks great, targeted to the right people in your area and conveys the right message you will start to see results.

This is not a silver bullet and there are no guarantees but it is a cost effective way of getting your brand seen on Facebook. Here are a few tips to creating the perfect advert to get you started:

Be Interesting
No-one wants to know how wonderful you are and how many houses you have sold because that is too stereotypical. Give people something that they want. Tell them a story or maybe tell them something about your business that they may not know.

Be Factual
If you are looking to state industry related facts, then make sure that they are correct from the start. If you are looking at the Rightmove Intel stats and it talks about your sales record over the past few months, then show them with the correct imagery.

Be Natural
In our experience, Facebook adverts get better responses when you are not trying to sell someone something. If you come across as pushy on an advert, then this may be the lasting impression that a potential vendor or landlord has of your company.

Be Engaging
With Facebook’s algorithm changing on a regular basis it is important that you look to try and get people to engage with you. The more comments, likes and shares the more ‘reach’ you will get.

Be Targeted
Do NOT just place an advert to cover a 10-mile radius of your estate agency. Target specific postcodes and use the area within the text. Make people feel as if the advert was created just for them.

Be Patient
There are no guarantees that the next advert you create will be successful and generate dozens of enquiries. Some of the people you are targeting may not have heard of you until the advert scrolls across their news feed.

What Else Can You Do to Win an Instruction?
In recent months, we have seen many estate agents generate valuation leads by using their Instant Online Valuation Tool in their advert. One client in particular generated 13 leads from one £50 advert which went on to become 2 instructions. All for £47.44!

Another example is where a client used their valuation tool and spent only £27.99 yet it generated a listing that was sold 3 days later earning a £2,800 fee. The figures speak for themselves and the questions we often ask our clients are;

How much is a valuation worth to you?
What is your valuation to listing conversion rate?
What is your average fee?

With our Valuation Tool only costing £50 + vat per month, an advert with Facebook costing £50 (bearing in mind we do not charge for our consultancy time) your investment from as little as £100 per month could generate thousands of pounds in fees.

The other thing to bear in mind is that we would recommend that you are actively marketing your Facebook page at the same time because people responding to your advert may like the page and then be looking to see you be active in marketing your business. You can even take our free social media trial as well to help you along the way.

Thanks for reading.

Simon Clark