Writing A Blog Is Essential Even If Your Readership Is Low

Writing A bLog Is Essential Even If Your Readership Is Low

When it comes to running and promoting your estate agent firm, there are so many things to do and take care of that it is impossible to do everything. You need to weigh up certain actions or activities and determine if they offer value to the firm or provide you with some form of benefit.

Usually the cost implication will be a major factor in your decision but there is a lot to be said for the amount of time and energy you invest in something, especially if the return is limited.

Writing a blog is a highly recommended activity for estate agents, but it is a task that can seem pointless if no one reads it. There are few things more depressing than checking the statistics for your latest blog update and realising that not even your mum has logged on to check it out.

If you aren’t reaching out to anyone, is there any point in writing a blog?

For estate agents, yes, there are a number of benefits associated with creating a blog and this is why you should stick with it, even if it doesn’t seem a great way to spend your time at the moment.

It forces you to be aware of what is going on :
If you are writing about the latest goings-on in your local community or with respect to regulations in the estate agency industry, you are staying abreast of what is important to your business. Even if no one is reading what you say, your knowledge levels will be higher, allowing you to make more informed decisions or provide more informed advice. This is a key benefit and maintaining a blog will maintain your interest in current affairs for your industry and location.

There are SEO benefits :
Sometimes you need to think about the long game, the big picture and all of the other clichés that remind you that business success isn’t always instantaneous. Having fresh and regularly updated content on your site or linking towards your site will eventually have an impact on the search engine rankings. People may not read what you have to say but Google and Bing will be taking note and eventually, your original content blogs will have an impact on where you are ranked for potential customers searching for an estate agent just like you. There is a big reward to be gained from blogging; it just may not be apparent straight away.

It provides a great platform to connect your social media pages and accounts :
You know that you need to have social media pages and accounts too, but this may feel as though it is taking up time and effort too. However, if you run a blog, you instantly have content to link towards, and it provides you with something you can use to engage with other users.

If industry experts are talking about a topic, and you have written about that topic, sending a link is a far better way to get your point across than trying to debate with 140 characters that Twitter provides you with.

This means you can develop an image as being an industry expert, so even if no one is reading today, knowing that people may read and take heed tomorrow is an incentive to keep going.

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