Why Writing About Rental Yields Will Help Sell More Properties And Gain More Rental Instructions

Any estate agent that is looking to impress potential clients and ensure that they are recognised as the right professionals for the job needs to be proactive. With so many estate agents operating in the market, companies need to showcase their credentials and prove that they have all of the skills and experience a client is looking for.

One way in which an estate agent can do this is by talking about the industry and showing their experience and expertise on important topics pertaining to the business. Rental yield is absolutely vital in the lettings market but many people are unaware of what it is, how to calculate rental yield or the importance in fully understanding rental yield.

Writing about rental yields provides vital information for your audience
Breaking down the rental yield, showing how it is calculated and providing examples will help people to understand the process but they’ll also come to think of you as being the local estate agent to trust. This is a reputation that every estate agent wants to have and it can be obtained by providing relevant yet simple information to clients. Whether you provide people with the formula and information to calculate rental yield themselves or you do it for them as part of a larger or wider service, simply being the estate agent with the answers will boost your business in the long term.

Show what profit can be made from a property
When it comes to selling homes, knowing the aims and ambitions of your client is vital. If someone is looking to buy a property in the hope of making a return on their investment through letting it out, if you can show what properties are attractive propositions, you’ll be the estate agent they rely on.

Two separate homes may look similar and they may even cost the same but with the various factors involved with rental yield, one may be more suitable to a buyer or investor than another. By showing that you are the estate agent that knows the difference between the two properties, you’ll find it easier to make the sale because you are showing the client that you can help them achieve their aims and goals.

You can gain more rental instructions
There is also a very strong argument that detailing rental yields and showcasing your knowledge of this area will make you the ideal candidate for investors looking for an estate agent to let or manage their property. A letting agent who can show they understand how rental yield is calculated will appeal to landlords and investors because they have the knowledge that will help them achieve their goals.

While the calculations involved with working out rental yield aren’t too difficult, they can be confusing for people with no knowledge or awareness of how they are worked out. It is so easy to make a bad decision on a buying a property when you don’t grasp the importance of a rental yield, so being seen as the professional who understands all of its components will make it more likely you’ll receive instructions from clients.

Whether your initial focus is on getting more clients or developing your reputation, writing about rental yields is a simple and effective way to achieve your aims.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK